Mulcahy Cork City Marathon 2011 Event:Cork City Marathon 2011
Date: 06-06-2011

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My Personal Message

Hey Guys,

Thanks for visiting our fundraising page. The Chernobyl Children International charity is a very worthy cause and we would very much appreciate your support in helping us to raise funds for this charity.

Please read a few words about the charity that I have chosen to support below. You can donate using the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your support,
The Muls.

Chernobyl Children International

Adi Roche's Chernobyl Children International was established almost 30 years ago to alleviate the suffering and to offer hope to the victims and survivors of the Chernobyl disaster, namely the children of Belarus, Western Russia and the Ukraine. Through our efforts, the quality of life of thousands of young girls and boys from the heart of the Chernobyl zone has been improved immeasurably. To date, we have delivered over €96.5 million worth of aid to the Chernobyl regions, and have brought over 24,700 children to Ireland on recuperation holidays.

My Online Sponsors to Date

Name Date Type Amount Comment
Robert Kebby 21-06-2011 Donation €40.00 Geez - I missed it! Hopefully someone recorded it. Well done D
Anonymous 17-06-2011 Donation €20.00 -
Mary O Leary 17-06-2011 Donation €22.00 Great achievement ,well done!
Anonymous 09-06-2011 Donation €40.00 Well done Darren from Etelligence Ltd
Anonymous 08-06-2011 Donation €100.00 Well Done :) love Shell xx
Anonymous 03-06-2011 Donation €15.00 GOOD LUCK DEREK, JAMIE O LEARY
Barry O'Sullivan 03-06-2011 Donation €22.00 Go for it Darren
Billy Millar 02-06-2011 Donation €22.00 Conditional on Derek running the full marathon next year!!
Anonymous 02-06-2011 Donation €50.00 Best fo luck from all at Seabridge
Nick Bane 01-06-2011 Donation €100.00 Good luck and best wishes from everyone at APJ Ltd
Chris White 01-06-2011 Donation €15.00 I am right behind you, about 350 miles behind you !!! Good Luck Derek
Vera Murphy 31-05-2011 Donation €10.00 Best of luck Derek and Darren. Great Cause
Vera Murphy 31-05-2011 Donation €10.00 du du du du duuu duuuu (chariots of fire music) best of luck
Lisa-Jayne Cook 31-05-2011 Donation €15.00 Good luck. :) And well done for supporting the cause
Derek Cummins 30-05-2011 Donation €30.00 Best of Luck Great cause.
Richard Cowman 30-05-2011 Donation €20.00 Run forest run
DEREK MULCAHY 27-05-2011 Donation €30.01 €30.01 just to beat Brady Bunch. Thanks to everyone for your kind donations
Stephen Geary 26-05-2011 Donation €25.00 Good luck lads....
Anonymous 24-05-2011 Donation €20.00 Best of luck!
keith mcgrath 23-05-2011 Donation €50.00 good luck Darren and all!!
Anonymous 20-05-2011 Donation €25.00 Best of luck!
Eugene Ryan 19-05-2011 Donation €50.00 Good Luck Darren, it's a great cause!
Orla O'Sullivan 16-05-2011 Donation €25.00 Best of luck Darren. Fair Play!!
Sinead O'Donnell 11-05-2011 Donation €50.00 Good luck Daniel! Looking forward to having you back at soccer... in one piece!!
David Ryan 09-05-2011 Donation €50.00 Best of Luck with this Darren. From D Pack in Limerick
keith Chambers 09-05-2011 Donation €40.00 Hope you make it. - Keith Chambers
James Collins 06-05-2011 Donation €22.00 Best of luck!
don brady 05-05-2011 Donation €30.00 Best of luck to Jim and dads army ,its great to see a team effort Colin
Alan Cavanagh 05-05-2011 Donation €22.00 Good luck Dan. You better complete it or ill be asking for my money back ;-)
Danielle Barrett 05-05-2011 Donation €20.00 Best of luck :)
john roche 05-05-2011 Donation €20.00 good luck
Daniel Mulcahy 05-05-2011 Donation €26.50 Darren shamed me into it!
Anonymous 05-05-2011 Donation €10.00 good luck Dan
Anonymous 04-05-2011 Donation €20.00 Hey, Beir Bua!
Aine Shimmin 04-05-2011 Donation €20.00 -
Ray O'Donoghue 04-05-2011 Donation €26.20 Decent smile for the camera this time Darren..
Elizabeth Cronin 04-05-2011 Donation €10.00 Good luck guys xx
Colin O'Reilly 04-05-2011 Donation €26.20 Well Brady what about these girl blouses this year
Anonymous 04-05-2011 Donation €20.00 I would Give more if you do it in High Heels :-)
Darren Mulcahy 04-05-2011 Donation €26.20 I could hardly not sponsor myself and ask everyone else
Lorraine O'Brien 30-04-2011 Donation €50.00 guilt me into when drunk!! besta luck