50 Hour Charity Drive= CC24(Colin and Ciaran's 24 Hour Charity Broadcast) and 28 Hour Outdoor Fast for Headstrong Event:50HD
Date: 31-10-2012

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Thanks for visting our fundraising page, our chosen charity is Headstrong who support mental health awareness for young people.

As part of the DCU Students Union mental health awareness week we are doing two main events: a 24-hour Charity Broadcast on DCUfm( with Colin and Ciaran) and a 28-hour outdoor camping fast (with Neil Collins and Neil Mulhern) which makes up our 50 hour charity drive.

Headstrong is a very worthy cause and we would very much appreciate your support in helping us to raise funds for them.

Any donation is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

Colin, Ciaran, Neil Patrick and Neil.

Headstrong - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health


Our Vision is an Ireland where young people are connected to their community and have the resilience to face challenges to their mental health.


We are working to change how Ireland thinks about young people’s mental health through the Jigsaw Programme of service development, through Research and Advocacy.


We respect the voice of young people, and believe that all young people should be given the supports they need to develop good mental health.

We recognise that young people, communities and government all have a role and contribution in developing a supportive environment to foster mental health in young people. We strive to innovate, challenge and apply best practice in youth mental health in an Irish context. As an evidence-led organisation we research and evaluate all of our activities.

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Aoife Coyle 01-11-2012 Donation €10.00 Hang in there lads! Admirable actions for an even better cause!
Philippa Daly 01-11-2012 Donation €3.00 Yerrrrrrrrrrrrr
Marie Brennan 31-10-2012 Donation €50.00 Coinnigh suas an obair mhaith leaids!
Rónán Ó Dálaigh 31-10-2012 Donation €20.00 Blessed are the peace makers.
Jack Power 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 I request bohemian rhapsody.
Robyn Keleghan 31-10-2012 Donation €20.00 Thanks for having me guys! Keep it up!
Lauren Kelly 31-10-2012 Donation €5.00 Fair play lads!
Michael Brennan 31-10-2012 Donation €50.00 Well done on a great idea and cause, Michael, Siobhan and Daragh
Anonymous 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Ginger legends.
Niall O'Connor 31-10-2012 Donation €50.00 Well lads, it's with great pleasure to donate to a great cause. Top men, very proud. Niall O'Connor
Alan Regan 31-10-2012 Donation €20.00 Well done, lads!!
Sam Griffin 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Keep up the good work lads!! A fantastic cause and a deserving charity.
Anonymous 31-10-2012 Donation €30.00 well done on a wonderful effort
David Brennan 31-10-2012 Donation €50.00 Keep up the good work!
David Healion 31-10-2012 Donation €5.00 Hey guys. Was great being in with you earlier. Onwards!!!
Catherine Brennan 31-10-2012 Donation €50.00 enjoying the chat and brilliant music
Damian Brennan 31-10-2012 Donation €50.00 Well done lads
Seamus Conwell 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 HON THE BOYS
Brid Flynn 31-10-2012 Donation €5.00 Well done guys doing a great job keep it up! shall visit ye later!!:)
Rebecca Walsh 31-10-2012 Donation €5.00 Doing a great job guys :) Thanks for having dance on earlier!
Anonymous 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Fair play lads doing a great job! Keep her lit!
Kenneth Browne 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Hupyaboya
Mary Mc Donnell 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Keep up the good work :) Stay alive.
katie gannon 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Thanks for having me earlier guys, had such fun! Well done you're doing great!
Caoimhe Rice 31-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Well done, keep up the good work :D
Tracey Smyth 31-10-2012 Donation €5.00 Well done lads! Good luck for the rest of the broadcast
Paula Sheridan 29-10-2012 Donation €50.00 Good Luck Colin & Ciaran with the broadcast & best wishes to everyone taking part in Outdoor Fast
Eithne Brennan 27-10-2012 Donation €5.00 Fair play to ye and good luck!