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List of Fundraisers for Headstrong - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health

Participant name Fundraising page title
Amy Clarke Amy Clarke's
Avril Clarke Avril Clarke Charity Abseil
Damian Kelly Damian Kelly's Headstrong & Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil
danielle hendrick Danielle Hendricks fundraiser for Headstrong Heros
James Barry James Barry 's Abseil for Youth Mental Health
Jennifer Bredin Jennifer Bredin's Headstrong & Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil
Philip Reilly Give Back Abroad
Rachel Murray Let's Support Our Mental Health
Sean O'Kelly Sean O'Kelly's Christmas offerings
Sean Twomey Sean Twomey's Headstrong & Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil
Stephen Mannion Stephen Mannion's Abseil for Headstrong
thomas egan Thomas Egan's no beer for a year