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Date: 04-09-2008

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This fundraising page is now completed and it is no longer possible to sponsor this fundraiser via this fundraising page.
Money raised off-line: €1,835.17
Money raised on-line: €870.00

My Personal Message

Firstly I would like to thank you again for your donation to the Cork Cancer Research Centre. We are overwhelmed by the response that we got and the amount of money that's going to this worthy cause far exceeded our target of €1000. We have the phenominal amount of €2705.17 raised.

Check out our website again if you want some more detail on our journey and see some of our photo's at

Cork Cancer Research Centre

Our Mission in Cork Cancer Research Centre (CCRS) is to investigate the major issues in the origin and spread of cancer, to develop more effective strategies for cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

We are dedicated to bringing new cancer treatments to patients across the country. Our research programmes are aimed at:

• providing less invasive procedures for cancer surgery

• decreasing recovery times for patients

• making surgery possible where it is presently considered unsuitable

If we wish to develop new therapies in the areas of cancer prevention, detection and treatment, Investment in research is vital. Through well focused research, a greater number of lives can be saved and the quality of life for many people who develop cancer can be improved.


CCRC is channelling all its expertise and experience into developing innovative and effective strategies for the control of secondary cancer spread (metastatic disease). Our ambition is to find the key to control this crucial component of the disease and create a future free from poor prognosis cancers.


CCRC does not receive any state funding and is therefore totally reliant on voluntary fundraising, from you the public. The support from our fundraisers provides the drive and encouragement for breakthroughs to be made and for improvements to be made in the quality of life for all cancer patients.

My Online Sponsors to Date

Name Date Type Amount Comment
Laurent Schoumacker 15-09-2008 Donation €20.00 Good Luck with the fundraising.
Ralph Ladd 12-09-2008 Donation €20.00 Congratulations and Thank You Cancer touches us all
Hans van der Voort 08-09-2008 Donation €20.00 Go Nigel for the good cause!!!
Celia Ronayne 07-09-2008 Donation €20.00 well done guys. A few pacific pesos for your trouble
Allen Murphy 07-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Great Cause.
Paddy Purcell 05-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Beep Beep :-)
Sean Purcell 04-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Have a great trip.
Katherine Barry 04-09-2008 Donation €20.00 Good luck JJ. Enjoy the rally. Hope da WRC makes it.
Andrius&LIna Davidenas 04-09-2008 Donation €20.00 Have a nice trip guys!
Ger Browne 04-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Don't worry "Cuckoo", we'll hold the fort at CIT!
Ron Hahn 03-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Good Luck.. Is your APRS beacon ready?
Lisa Hewitt 03-09-2008 Donation €25.00 best of luck, its for a very good cause, Hope weather not too bad
Anonymous 03-09-2008 Donation €100.00 There you go Conor....
Ciaran Moynihan 03-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Mad Jealous!! Wanna Go! Any chance the scally guys would re-schedule?
Earl Kirn 03-09-2008 Donation €20.00 Good Luck Conor - You will be ready for NASCAR
Conor O'Neill 02-09-2008 Donation €20.00 Cash handed to me today. More on the way I'm promised!
Liam O'Neill 02-09-2008 Donation €20.00 You should probably bring the tool box along! Good luck
Tim McKnight 02-09-2008 Donation €100.00 Good on ye--leave the fridge at home.
Alex Hill 02-09-2008 Donation €10.00 Great cause - enjoy the trip!
Anonymous 02-09-2008 Donation €5.00 Should be some crack - Good Cause
David Grover 02-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Nice one! Hope you don't have to get out and push. ;-)
Orla Murphy 02-09-2008 Donation €50.00 Have a good trip, Orla Murphy
Anonymous 01-09-2008 Donation €50.00 -