The Flying Nun Sr Patricia Wall Event:Sky Dive
Date: 06-05-2013

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Money raised off-line: €32,759.86
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My Personal Message

Hi everybody,

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page. The flying nun!

The skydive is now done. Friday 17th May weather at last was perfect. After two previous disappointments the moment had arrived! Galway airport at 0900 preparations began. Skydive Ireland got everything under way and everything went smoothly. Special thanks to Matt and Dean.

My leap of faith was all about raising money for the charity Aware and also for the community projects in the Slieveardagh area.

I am 75 years of age and I am a nun with the Presentation Order, having entered staight from school aged 17. I spent my time teaching, both Primary and Secondary in Ireland, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. I retired early from teaching and then came to live and work in Ballingarry which is a rural isolated area in the heart of Slieveardagh. I have a new lease of life since becoming involved in community work.

I am involved with the Millennium Family Resource Centre in Glengoole. This centre provides family support, training, education, counselling, childcare, meals for elderly, outreach centre for Brothers of Charity and general community services etc.

In Ballingarry we have an I.T. training centre and a full daycare service for children from 6 months to school age. We have a play therapist available on site and a drop-in service for employment support services.

In Killenaule we have a heritage centre which provides secretarial services for the local community, houses a library, after school programmes, I.T. training. Slieveardagh Rural Development is an umbrella organisation for the area comprising the three catholic parishes of Killenaule, Gortnahoe/Glengoole, Ballingarry/The Commons and the Church of Ireland parish of Kilcooley/Crohane.

I am on the boards of all these projects and they all complement each other working to address disadvantage in these communities.

Other projects helped, Memorial Garden in Ballynonty, new community playground in Ballingarry, renovation of the old school in The Commons which is now a focus for community activities, music, dance, cards, youth, mining museum etc!!!
As you can see I am kept busy!

At present all community projects are struggling to survive due to lack of funding in this economic downturn.

Aware is a charity very close to my own heart as I suffered from depression in my thirties.

The charities that I have chosen to support are very worthy causes and I would very much appreciate your support in helping me to raise funds for these organisations.

Please donate and help raise my ambitious amount of €100,000.

Simply use the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure.

You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

I hope to make a difference in peoples lives and I am committed to enhancing the well being and quality of life for people who live in our area and anybody suffering or affected by depression.

Many thanks for your support.

Sr Patricia

Aware undertakes to create a society where people affected by stress, depression, bipolar and mood disorders are understood, supported, free from stigma, and are encouraged to access appropriate therapies.

The three pillars of Aware’s work are information, education and support. Information on Aware’s services and different aspects of depression (including depression in young people and supporting a loved one) is offered through the website and by post. Aware currently provides an education programme to secondary school students called Beat the Blues as well as a different programme called Life Skills which trains people how to manage mild to moderate depression or anxiety, based on principles of cognitive behavioural therapy. Support services include support groups (nationwide); a Support Line and Support Mail service.

 More than 450,000 people in Ireland experience depression (1 in 10) at any one time but many hide their condition and never get help. Aware’s message is one of hope: recovery is possible. Early intervention,as well as ongoing support are very important.

 Aware was first established in 1985.

My Online Sponsors to Date

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Anonymous 22-07-2013 Donation €100.00 Well done Sr!
Anonymous 21-07-2013 Donation €50.00 Well done on amazing achievement. Truly Inspirtional.
Michael de Veale 18-06-2013 Donation €530.00 Hi Pajo, got 30 odd sponsors, final sum attached, well done, an inspiration!
Thomas de Veale 05-06-2013 Donation €150.00 Well done Patty - a few quid collected in the pub
Anonymous 03-06-2013 Donation €50.00 -
Norma Browne 31-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Saw you on the news, such an inspiration! Hope this small donation helps :)
Anonymous 30-05-2013 Donation €50.00 Well done Patty!
Anonymous 28-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done. You are a brave woman.
Anonymous 28-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done! You are an inspiration and these are very worthy causes you have chosen.
gerard cuddy 23-05-2013 Donation €100.00 -
Anonymous 22-05-2013 Donation €100.00 Hi Patricia, Congratulations and well done! From Maura,Carmel and Breeda. O'Curry Road
Sheila Heffernan 20-05-2013 Donation €5.00 I saw you on the news and think you are an inspiration!!! Well done and keep flying!
Anonymous 20-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Great Achievement - well done!
Danny O Connell 20-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done Sister, Up Tipp!!
Anonymous 19-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done, an amazing achievement.
Anonymous 19-05-2013 Donation €100.00 Amazing thing to do! Age is just a number!
Natasha WILCKE 19-05-2013 Donation €30.00 Very moved by your story. Carry on the great work!
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €20.00 well done.
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done.. some achievement and for a great cause.
Brian Golden 18-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Raising money and giving us all a real feel good feeling. Brilliant!
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €50.00 I have just read about your jump - you are an inspiration and thank you for all your hard work
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €50.00 What an achievement and such a brave thing to do! Well done!!
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €40.00 We really admire what you are doing,Anna Marie and Padraig.
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €10.00 I have never heard of a nun, or of anyone aged 75 doing anything like this for a charity. Admirable
Mary Kennedy 18-05-2013 Donation €60.00 Read about this in the journal. Great cause! Well done!
Caoimhe Stack 18-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Wow! Congratulations on your incredibly brave jump!
Jean Russell 18-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Comhghairdeas as do chuid mhisneach!
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €25.00 Congatulations Sr. Patricia, you are truly an inspiration
Anonymous 18-05-2013 Donation €100.00 Congratulations from a past pupil from 3 decades ago. Happy to support a great cause
Alice Carroll 17-05-2013 Donation €50.00 Congratulations Patty. You are amazing.I'm very proud of you
Adrian Glennon 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done,What great courage. A.Glennon
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €50.00 Best wishes , you're brilliant , keep up the good work
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €50.00 Congratulations!
George Mc Grath 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Roisin Dunne 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 You're an inspiration to us all, congratulations sister!
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 well done
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Many Congratulations, well done Sr. Patricia! You are an inspiration for the rest of us!
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €30.00 well done sister, your an inspiration to all
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Carol Cassidy 17-05-2013 Donation €50.00 What an inspiration. Well done. Carol and Brendan.
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €40.00 -
yvonne heskin 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €2.00 Well done
geoffrey kearney 17-05-2013 Donation €5.00 Best of luck :)
Alan Lord 17-05-2013 Donation €100.00 Congrats - you're an example to all of us
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Fair play to you a,
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €25.00 Well done Sr, an inspiration!
Karl Harrison 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Maithiú!
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done Sr Patricia - you're an example to us all!
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Inspiring! Well Done!
Fergus Clifford 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 I jumped in Galway this morning also Sister. Comhghairdeachas, you are an inspiration!
Marguerite Bourke 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Your story is inspiring! Well done
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done!
Ciara Tallon 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done Sr Patricia - you're an inspiration!!!
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 I heard this on Newstalk this morning - brilliant fundraising! :)
John Fitzmaurice 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 You are an inspiration
Anonymous 17-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done Sr're an inspiration!!
Elaine Toomey 15-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of luck Sr!!
Jerry Cronin 12-05-2013 Donation €10.00 An inspirational lady. I hope it all goes well for u
Anonymous 12-05-2013 Donation €30.00 I hope Sunday goes well. Am full of admiration!!!!
Anonymous 09-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Such an inspiration!
Anonymous 05-05-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of luck Sr. Patricia
Bronwyn O'Donnell 03-05-2013 Donation €30.00 Good on ya Sister Patricia hope all goes well and you have a smooth landing
Anonymous 03-05-2013 Donation €10.00 I am 34 and will be doing a skydive in August, thank you for the extra encouragement
David Leonard 03-05-2013 Donation €20.00 -
Anonymous 03-05-2013 Donation €20.00 good luck!
Clement Garvey 03-05-2013 Donation €50.00 Best of luck to you on Monday Sr Patricia. Hope that you enjoy the jump!
Declan O'Shea 02-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Great Work Patricia and well done, you will enjoy the jump!
Anonymous 02-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done Sr. Patricia, wonderful contribution to us all in the Slieveardagh area
Anonymous 02-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Good Luck on Monday! You're an inspiration.
Alanna Gannon 02-05-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 02-05-2013 Donation €20.00 -
Carrie Kavanagh 02-05-2013 Donation €25.00 Well done on doing such a great fundraiser!
Muriel Casserly 02-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Saw you on Ireland AM, best of luck with the jump!
Aileen Wall 01-05-2013 Donation €50.00 Go Aunty Patty x
Anonymous 29-04-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of luck. Its a great cause and you're brilliant for doing it!
Anonymous 22-04-2013 Donation €20.00 -
Miriam Burke 03-04-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of Luck!
Lorraine Galvin 28-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done, you're great!
Anonymous 27-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 27-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Good Luck! - heard your story on TodayFM
Anonymous 27-03-2013 Donation €20.00 :) Best Wishes!!!
Anonymous 27-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Best of luck, I hope it all goes well
Anonymous 27-03-2013 Donation €10.00 I heard you on Ray D'arcy twice and am inspired, good luck! :)
Elizabeth O'Riordan 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 I've done two sky's amazing! I'm sure AWARE are delighted!! Best of luck :)
Vivienne Ivers 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Patrice Ryan 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Enjoy the wind in your hair :) good luck sister Patrice and Teresa Ryan
Anonymous 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of Luck
Anonymous 26-03-2013 Donation €5.00 -
Jane Purcell 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of luck,
Anonymous 26-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Great cause, well done to the flying nun!
Rosie Rowley 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of Luck Sister, you're an inspiration!
Nessa Clarke 26-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Just listening on TodayFm. Can't believe you're doing a skydive! You're fantastic!
Anonymous 26-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Rory Phillips 22-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Best of Luck from all at AGC Networks Ltd.
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €20.00 What an inspiration, I'm currently living in Grand Cayman but saw uonline on Today show, well done!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of luck!
Siobhan Croke 08-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well Done, you are an inspiration.
Barry FitzGerald 06-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Well Done!!!
Niamh Hennessy 01-03-2013 Donation €30.00 -
Jennifer Winders 28-02-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of Luck Sister!
Sinead Conroy 28-02-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Aine Maher 28-02-2013 Donation €10.00 -