Sham V Shire's Fight4Jack Event:White Collar Boxing
Date: 21-02-2014

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Money raised off-line: €760.00
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My Personal Message

Hey Guys,

Thanks for visiting our personal fundraising page for the Sham v Shire bout. The charity that we have chosen to support below is a very worthy cause and we would very much appreciate your support in helping us to raise funds for Jack.

On Friday, February 21st 2014, up to 30 wannabe Katie Taylor's will take to the ring in Dandelion (Stephen's Green) to Fight For Jack. Already people from all sides of Jack's life have come forward to step into the ring and play their part. Whether you want to grapple or not, come along and join in on the fun and do your little bit for Jack Kavanagh.

Please read a few words about the charity(s) that I have chosen to support below. You can donate using the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

Sham & Shire
Jack Kavanagh Trust

The Jack Kavanagh Trust was set up in March 2013 to raise funds for Jack, who in August 2012, at the age of 20, broke his neck simply diving into a wave on a beach. He suffered a C4/C5 spinal injury which means that he has no feeling below his upper chest, has limited use of his arms, and no use of his hands or fingers. Ironically, he'd just finished working for the summer as a lifeguard and windsurfing instructor. No insurance will pay for his care in the years ahead, but he is determined to create as normal a life for himself as he can.

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Anonymous 23-02-2014 Donation €20.00 -
Anonymous 21-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Cheers for the ticket Billy, good luck!
Cathal Marsh 21-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Go well shire! x
Ben O'Hare 21-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Good luck tonight Sham!
john walshe 21-02-2014 Donation €50.00 kill everything!
Ciara Dolan 21-02-2014 Donation €25.00 -
Ronan Donoghue 21-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Fair play boys good luck tonight!
Anonymous 20-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Fairplay to yee! goodluck!
Philip Lavin 20-02-2014 Donation €22.00 .
Liam Glynn 20-02-2014 Donation €47.00 Billly you looked handsome on Limk admirer Lil
Michael Carroll 20-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Gonna be loose.. ticket please mike tyson!!
Frank van Esbeck 20-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Ticket
Anonymous 20-02-2014 Donation €20.00 ticket prease
John Mc Mahon 20-02-2014 Donation €50.00 Saw you on Limerick Leader. Well done
Anonymous 20-02-2014 Donation €10.00 best of luck billy
Dermot Kelly 19-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Best of Luck Seamie! Ticket?
Karen Walsh 19-02-2014 Donation €15.00 -
David Gillespie 19-02-2014 Donation €25.00 Ticket
gareth murphy 19-02-2014 Donation €40.00 -
Padraic O' Hanrahan 19-02-2014 Donation €20.00 AD47
Adam A. Clarkin Clarkin 19-02-2014 Donation €2.26 This is honestly going to be one of the loosest things ever, best of luck Billy you messer.
Michael Cullen 19-02-2014 Donation €100.00 -
thomas baynes 18-02-2014 Donation €22.00 -
Paddy Gillman 18-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Best of luck lads!
terance robson 18-02-2014 Donation €22.00 -
Anonymous 18-02-2014 Donation €22.00 Ticket cuz
Des Early 18-02-2014 Donation €22.00 Good Luck Billy - Ticket
Rob Lipsett 17-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Ticket
stephen o'mahoney 17-02-2014 Donation €60.00 3 tickets, do it for Lorna!
Keith Hogan 17-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Ticket
Brendan O'Connell 17-02-2014 Donation €22.00 Best of luck Billy. Ticket x1 please
stephen white 17-02-2014 Donation €20.00 -
Aaron Thomson 17-02-2014 Donation €5.00 -
Brendan Kirwan 17-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Ticket
Anonymous 17-02-2014 Donation €40.00 Best of luck lads! Ticket?
Keelan McKenna 17-02-2014 Donation €22.00 Shire in the 1st
Arron Mannix 16-02-2014 Donation €22.00 -
Timothy Glynn 16-02-2014 Donation €25.00 Toltecca= hawks
Emmet MacMahon 16-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Shire with the KO
Anonymous 16-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Limerick scumbag #teamshire +ticket
Patrick O'Sullivan 16-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Good luck boys #teamshire - ticket
Anna Fayne 16-02-2014 Donation €25.00 Best of luck boys!x
Daragh Cullen 16-02-2014 Donation €30.00 Best of luck lads. Ticket
Patrick Mann 16-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Let the Bodies hit the floor -Paddy Mann
Shaun McGeady 16-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Best of luck Seamie! no sweat man.
Anonymous 16-02-2014 Donation €60.00 Ticket x3
Anonymous 16-02-2014 Donation €35.00 Up Joyce!
Anonymous 16-02-2014 Donation €15.00 -
Adam Clarkin 16-02-2014 Donation €2.25 After sesh in the maples, ha
ronan mcnamara 15-02-2014 Donation €5.00 -
Anonymous 15-02-2014 Donation €22.00 Hey Sham!! any chance of a ticket??
Anonymous 14-02-2014 Donation €150.00 ITA,FIONA,SUE,TRIC + Auntie Mary..... go billy go
Anonymous 14-02-2014 Donation €15.00 call me maybee
Anonymous 14-02-2014 Donation €500.00 What marketing ! Great effort lads.Best of luck !
Ann Quinn 14-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Great efforts Billy. Good luck!
Anonymous 14-02-2014 Donation €30.00 best of luck lads
Harry Kennedy 14-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Team Shire
Anonymous 13-02-2014 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 12-02-2014 Donation €25.00 Good luck lads
Eoin Joyce 11-02-2014 Donation €40.00 Long Live King Shire, Lord of The Maples
Mark Craig 11-02-2014 Donation €32.00 Get involved
Anonymous 11-02-2014 Donation €20.00 #TeamShire
Ambrose O'Hallahan 10-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Billy Glynn, Billy Glynn, Billy Billy Glynn
Shauna Sheridan 08-02-2014 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 07-02-2014 Donation €33.33 howstings #voodorooms
conor roberts 07-02-2014 Donation €100.00 Good luck Billy!!
Anonymous 07-02-2014 Donation €20.00 Do it for Coonagh
Emer Hanratty 06-02-2014 Donation €22.00 I`ll say nothing!!
Anonymous 05-02-2014 Donation €100.00 stay cool Billy
Thomas Gray 05-02-2014 Donation €10.00 SUAF
Anonymous 05-02-2014 Donation €20.00 best of luck Billy
Alexander Kelly 01-02-2014 Donation €15.00 barbara
B Lowney 28-01-2014 Donation €10.00 Loose
Anonymous 27-01-2014 Donation €15.00 Shire's going to bring the thunder
Anonymous 27-01-2014 Donation €20.00 Great cause! William hope you've been training.
Anonymous 23-01-2014 Donation €15.00 best of luck shire
Anonymous 20-01-2014 Donation €25.00 I haven't been this excited since the John Leahy/Ciaran Carey battle of 1996!
Mike O'Hagan 20-01-2014 Donation €30.00 Good luck lads!
Anonymous 19-01-2014 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 19-01-2014 Donation €40.00 best of luck, hope it's a great night.
Anonymous 19-01-2014 Donation €50.00 best of luck boys
Anonymous 19-01-2014 Donation €20.00 -
Anonymous 19-01-2014 Donation €20.00 Banquo's ghost
Anonymous 19-01-2014 Donation €50.00 Best of luck billy! Fists only, no headbutts
David mcguinness 18-01-2014 Donation €20.00 por memoriam custodaire
Anonymous 18-01-2014 Donation €20.00 -
Anonymous 18-01-2014 Donation €30.00 Good luck Sham
Anonymous 18-01-2014 Donation €30.00 Good luck sahn
Anonymous 17-01-2014 Donation €10.00 5 loaves of bread, 16 yogurts and 24 milks signed: Seamie O'Keeffe
Anonymous 17-01-2014 Donation €15.00 -
Michael Carmody 16-01-2014 Donation €20.00 I hope you both win
Aoife Owens 16-01-2014 Donation €20.00 -
paul canty 16-01-2014 Donation €20.00 I didn't believe in charity until now. kick his fu*kin head in billy
Mark McGroarty 16-01-2014 Donation €20.00 The Bountyhunter
Anonymous 16-01-2014 Donation €10.00 -
Connor Shorten 16-01-2014 Donation €5.00 Do Rocky Glynn proud!
aifric paul 16-01-2014 Donation €20.00 well done!! good luck.
Anonymous 15-01-2014 Donation €15.00 Inspirational!