Oliver Clare - Running for ReachOut - 20 Marathons in 2012 Event:Oliver Clare - Marathon Challenge 2012
Date: 29-12-2012

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Money raised off-line: €3,680.00
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My Personal Message

Hey Guys,
Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page. ReachOut.com (Inspire Ireland Foundation) is a very worthy cause and I would very much appreciate your support in helping me to raise funds for this charity.

* http://www.runningforreachout.ie
* http://www.facebook.com/runningforreachout
* http://twitter.com/runnin4reachout
* http://www.flickr.com/people/runningforreachout/

THE CHALLENGE: Completion of 20 marathons in 2012. The first is the West of Ireland series marathon (Connemara) on March 10th, and the final marathon will be the 'Lock Up the Year Marathon' (Kinnegad to Leixlip) on New Year's Eve. ALL FUNDS RAISED WILL BE USED FOR REACHOUT.COM . I am using my own money to fund the actual marathons. I will be publishing regular updates on the challenge as the weeks and months progress from my website at http://www.runningforreachout.ie

THE CAUSE: ReachOut.com is a service dedicated providing quality assured mental health information for young people. It highlights inspiring real life stories by young people to help other young people get through tough times. ReachOut.com also provides information about other services that can provide help with mental health issues. http://www.inspireireland.ie/about-us/ and http://ie.reachout.com .

Research shows:
1. 50% of all mental disorders have their onset by age 14, and 75% by mid 20s. *Kessler et al.,2005
2. 74% of respondents to a ReachOut.com survey reported mild, moderate or severe levels of psychological distress;
3. 91% of people surveyed agreed that “anyone can experience a mental health problem”; yet 59% of young people \\\"wouldn\\\'t want other people to know\\\" if they had a mental health problem.

HOW TO DONATE: Use the \\\"sponsor me now\\\" button below via credit or debit card. Your transaction on the mycharity.ie website is very secure. You will receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support acknowledging the amount of your donation. EVERY DONATION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED no matter what the amount.

Many thanks in advance for your support!

ReachOut Ireland


ReachOut.com is an online youth mental health service dedicated to taking the mystery out of mental health. We aim to provide quality assured mental health information to help people aged 12-25 years-old get through tough times. 

Through our commenting facilities, ‘Ask the expert’ service, real stories and videos section, and range of mental health information articles, ReachOut.com supports young people in Ireland by giving them a safe space online to turn to when they need it.  


Over 4,000 people from Ireland visit ReachOut.com each and every week. ReachOut.com needs financial support to ensure young people seeking support and information through our site get the help they need and deserve.

Your money goes towards making sure ReachOut.com remains open and operating in a safe and responsible way and towards promoting ReachOut.com. We want all young people in Ireland to know that there is a safe and supported online space they can turn to when they need it.

All donations are greatly appreciated.

Charity number: ReachOut Ireland CHY18610

Visit: http://ie.reachout.com 

My Online Sponsors to Date

Name Date Type Amount Comment
Donal and Marie O'Conor 20-12-2012 Donation €100.00 Happy christmas, congrats on the challenge to date and enjoy the last marathon!
Anonymous 26-11-2012 Donation €50.00 -
Emer Sands 24-11-2012 Donation €26.20 -
David McGee 07-11-2012 Donation €20.00 -
carrie price 19-10-2012 Donation €30.00 Jog On .... and i mean that in a good way!
Sebastian Gubernat 15-10-2012 Donation €20.00 Hi Oliver. My little contribution towards your great cause:-) Seb xx
Linda Hoenigsberg 11-10-2012 Donation €10.00 Thanks for following my blog about mental illness Oliver! It gets happier!!
CAROLYN HUGHES 26-09-2012 Donation €10.00 Happy Running!
Anonymous 22-09-2012 Donation €20.00 Best of luck with the remaining few marathons Olly!
Anonymous 16-09-2012 Donation €15.00 U deserve €5000 alone, for what u did in the Conn 100, happy running,from F. Gump :)
Anonymous 24-08-2012 Donation €20.00 -
Vincent Byrne 23-08-2012 Donation €50.00 awesome Oliver!
Thomas Bubendorfer 20-08-2012 Donation €50.00 It was great to meet you in Connemara. Keep up the fantastic work!
Abdul Halim Muhammad Nor 20-08-2012 Donation €20.00 Best of luck to you and Reachout!
George Livanos 16-08-2012 Donation €100.00 A euro per mile for the mad bloke supporting a worthy cause...
Anonymous 15-08-2012 Donation €15.00 well done. im sure your very proud. what would pat and jess say??
Donal and Marie O'Conor 14-08-2012 Donation €10.00 Congrats on your achievement to date, wish you every success with the remainder of the challenge :)
Anonymous 13-08-2012 Donation €50.00 Well done, a brilliant achievement. You're great!
Tristan Goguillot 13-08-2012 Donation €15.00 Keep the good job Ollie! As the Japanese say: Ganbate!
Graeme Colhoun 13-08-2012 Donation €50.00 Inspirational Oli - summed up what this event is all about. Well done!!!!!
Janet Newenham 13-08-2012 Donation €50.00 You AMAZE me! :D
Anonymous 09-08-2012 Donation €20.00 Good luck Oliver. See you on road. Slow and steady!
Anonymous 05-08-2012 Donation €100.00 I'm amazed at the next challange good luck with it take care
Anonymous 30-07-2012 Donation €15.00 this is in memory of a friend who has mental health problems but is doing well. sorry its not more.
frank mcdermott 28-07-2012 Donation €20.00 Best of luck oliver, frank
Anonymous 24-07-2012 Donation €10.00 well done, thks for t shirt
Marnie Crerar 20-07-2012 Donation €10.00 good luck Oliver
Clare O'Farrell 18-07-2012 Donation €30.00 Gowan te f*** ye c***
Bernie Loughrey 14-07-2012 Donation €70.00 Well done Oliver, a great achievement. Best of luck with the remaining marathons!
eilis murphy 20-06-2012 Donation €20.00 Well done Oliver and best of luck with the rest of them!
Selene Alford 05-06-2012 Donation €20.00 Well done Olivia!
Anonymous 04-06-2012 Donation €20.00 Best of luck with the rest!
John Healy 14-05-2012 Donation €20.00 Well done on getting under 4 in kildare..
Brian J Smyth 13-05-2012 Donation €25.00 Very impressive Ollie - best of luck
John mccormack 22-04-2012 Donation €20.00 -
ena tobin 19-04-2012 Donation €30.00 good for you, enjoy every minute, its all in the name of charity, fair play.
Anonymous 03-04-2012 Donation €10.00 A marathon effort indeed!
Lasairiona McGuinness 20-01-2012 Donation €10.00 Best of luck Oliver
Anonymous 18-01-2012 Donation €10.00 Good Luck :)
Philomena Fitzpatrick 17-01-2012 Donation €25.00 G'wan Ollie!!!!!!!!!
joseph sweeney 10-01-2012 Donation €5.00 get youre running shoes on
Paul Reddan 08-01-2012 Donation €20.00 I might even turn up to the Belfast marathon to see you in pain.
Alan Murphy 04-01-2012 Donation €10.00 Good luck
Frankie Clare 28-12-2011 Donation €25.00 -
Peter Sands 26-12-2011 Donation €10.00 Good luck!
Michael Murtagh 26-12-2011 Donation €20.00 Adh Mór
Anonymous 21-12-2011 Donation €15.00 -