Nick & Kevin do Gaelforce West Event:Gaelforce West
Date: 17-08-2013

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My Personal Message

Hey Guys,

Thanks for visiting our fundraising page. The charity we are supporting is Pieta House - The Centre for the Prevention of Self-Harm or Suicide. (

We're planning on doing Gaelforce West, the largest one day adventure race in Europe.

It consists of:
21km Running & Hiking (including 4.5km up Croagh Patrick)
45.5km cycling
1km of Kayaking

For the full course check out this

Please read a few words about Pieta House that we are supporting below. You can donate using the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support,

Nick & Kevin

You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.
Pieta House - The Centre for the Prevention of Self-Harm or Suicide

Pieta House, the Centre for the Prevention of Self-Harm or Suicide, opened its doors in January 2006 and is the first charity of its kind in Ireland. Pieta House offers a specialised treatment programme for people who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming behaviours. In particular, this centre will target the people who have already attempted to take their lives the forgotten people. This service is free of charge, but donations are welcome. The specialized treatment programme offers a comprehensive service aimed at individuals and their families who are affected by:

· Multiple suicidal attempts
· Suicidal ideation
· Continuous self-harming behaviours

We make an important distinction regarding people who engage in self-harm and those who attempt to take their lives.

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Sarah McCann 16-09-2013 Donation €22.00 -
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Eoin Bara 16-09-2013 Donation €130.00 That'll put you over the 4k mark - All the best from
Des Traynor 16-09-2013 Donation €40.00 BEANS!
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Rachael Power 13-09-2013 Donation €10.00 Awesome work Kevin!
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Pat Mulcahy 02-09-2013 Donation €50.00 From Ingrid H
Tom Cotterell 01-09-2013 Donation €50.00 Great effort and great video!
Anonymous 26-08-2013 Donation €30.00 Well done lads!
Niketa Cavanagh 25-08-2013 Donation €30.00 Just watched the video! Unbelievable! Well done guys! Great cause!
Victoria Whelton 24-08-2013 Donation €20.00 Congrats on such a great achievement for Pieta House - great cause.
Anonymous 22-08-2013 Donation €22.00 -
Katie Smith 21-08-2013 Donation €12.00 Well done lads, great work :)
Eamonn Finn 20-08-2013 Donation €60.00 -
maura boyle 20-08-2013 Donation €50.00 Well done to you both..Rgds The Boyle Gang Garrykennedy!
Rebecca Donnelly 18-08-2013 Donation €35.00 Great achievement!
Sinead Drinan 17-08-2013 Donation €22.00 -
Christine Boyle 17-08-2013 Donation €100.00 Best of luck Kevin n Nick, wish I could be there.. Christine x x
Maeve O' Sullivan 17-08-2013 Donation €20.00 Hope all goes well for you this weekend!
Helgi Thorbjoernsson 16-08-2013 Donation €172.00 Don't get lost
Anonymous 16-08-2013 Donation €40.00 Best of Luck lads!! xoxoxox
Niamh Chadwick 16-08-2013 Donation €100.00 Best of luck Kev and Nick!! I'll be shouting ye on all the way from NZ!! xx
Cliff Cunningham 15-08-2013 Donation €100.00 don't worry about the pain, we'll bring lots of sympathy
Sarah Keehan 15-08-2013 Donation €50.00 Good luck. Try to make it home in one piece ;)
Gavin Rafferty 15-08-2013 Donation €20.00 Good luck, I'm sure Nick will be creating memes and What'sApping all the way!
Ian McCarthy 14-08-2013 Donation €50.00 Good luck bro, still going work you hard in training though....
Alan Doyle 14-08-2013 Donation €20.00 You can do it Kev.....Nick not so much :P
Jean Francese 13-08-2013 Donation €50.00 Breathe deeply and have fun!
Anonymous 13-08-2013 Donation €23.00 -
Con Collis 12-08-2013 Donation €15.00 Best of Luck!!
Jack Buggy 12-08-2013 Donation €20.00 Try not to die!
Melanie Doyle 12-08-2013 Donation €200.00 Best of Luck guys!!! from all at Webfactory
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Anonymous 08-08-2013 Donation €15.00 Best of luck.
Anonymous 08-08-2013 Donation €40.00 Best of luck Nick!
Jessica O'Sullivan 08-08-2013 Donation €25.00 Hard core! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!
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Stephen Muldowney 08-08-2013 Donation €25.00 I expect to see a decent finishing time!!
Anonymous 07-08-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Nicola Nally 07-08-2013 Donation €50.00 If you could both come back in one piece....that'd be great.
Marie Moran 07-08-2013 Donation €12.00 Good Luck!
Anonymous 07-08-2013 Donation €10.00 hon the lads
Eoghan Parle 07-08-2013 Donation €10.00 good luck!
Juergen Holler 07-08-2013 Donation €50.00 Well done Kevin and Nick
david farrell 06-08-2013 Donation €20.00 Good Luck Nick
Anonymous 06-08-2013 Donation €500.00 Gowanyegoodtingsye!
Anonymous 04-08-2013 Donation €100.00 All the very best Nick, hope it goes very well. Well done. X
Anonymous 01-08-2013 Donation €20.00 Good luck guys.
Maryclaire Keenan 01-08-2013 Donation €100.00 Go Kevin!!!
Joanne Walsh 31-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Good luck loopers x
Alan Godfrey 31-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Runnnn boy.... Runnnnnnn !!
Anonymous 31-07-2013 Donation €22.00 ref. .. Good Luck! Conor.
Valerie Hilligan 30-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Go Kevin!
Kieva Ryan 30-07-2013 Donation €22.00 y'all won't need luck, you'll both do great :)
Siobhan McWeeney 30-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Good Luck!!
Kilian McMahon 30-07-2013 Donation €24.00 Fair play lads. Good luck with it.
padraig nestor 30-07-2013 Donation €22.00 best of luck lads.
Anonymous 30-07-2013 Donation €25.00 Best of luck with it gents!
Stephanie Francis 30-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Eh...Up The Banner :D
Niall White 25-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Good luck Tricky Nicky
J. Austin Hughey 24-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Good luck Kevin!
Anonymous 24-07-2013 Donation €70.00 Best of luck
Emily Morgan 21-07-2013 Donation €25.00 Well done guys
Anonymous 19-07-2013 Donation €20.00 A wonderful cause. Go team!
Olan Cleary 18-07-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of luck lads!
Joe Doddy 17-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of luck lads!!
Barrie Lees 13-07-2013 Donation €22.00 My Dad climbed Croagh Patrick when he was your age! He was exhausted, and he didn't do any extras.
Donal O'Sullivan 12-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Good luck lads!
Paul Moran 12-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Great cause Lads. Good Luck. it for Penfolds!
Sean Fee 11-07-2013 Donation €50.00 -
Whitney James 11-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Canada is rooting for yah! Well at least this Canadian is:) Good luck!
Pauline Stack 09-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of Luck Nick! :)
James Whelton 09-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Craic App.
Amy Grimson 09-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Good luck, amazing cause!!
Ronan Flynn 08-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Fair play now.
Kate McMahon 08-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of Luck to Both of ye!
Anonymous 07-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Best of luck guys!! Em x
Bridget Gleason 06-07-2013 Donation €30.00 I think you'll need more than good luck! :-)
Anonymous 05-07-2013 Donation €10.00 Fair play and great choice of charity
Anonymous 04-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Best of luck lads :)
Geoff Cunningham 04-07-2013 Donation €10.00 don't die or I want my money back
Richard Watson 04-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Go on, lads
Anonymous 04-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Good luck!
Jamie Bleichner 04-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Good luck guys! Not that you need it! <3
Michelle McGill 04-07-2013 Donation €10.00 Best of Luck guys. From Michelle
Anonymous 04-07-2013 Donation €30.00 Best of luck Nick and Kevin! x
Anonymous 04-07-2013 Donation €100.00 -
Maurice Davin 04-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Good Luck Nick!!!!!!
Darragh O'Neill 04-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of luck Nick!
David Fitzgibbon 04-07-2013 Donation €20.00 You better win it. I'll be disappointed if you dont win it.
Bobby O'Connor 04-07-2013 Donation €25.00 Soon you will be fit enough to play J4 rugby! Good cause. Good luck.
Phil Cunningham 04-07-2013 Donation €50.00 run bike walk crawl from old *art Phil
Ross Wynne 04-07-2013 Donation €10.00 good man nick, great cause, best of luck
Ian Grimson 04-07-2013 Donation €25.00 Your speed is useless for this!!! Best of luck, great cause by the way.