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Date: 30-04-2011

I Want My iPhone for Autism

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*The Campaign Formerly Known as "I Want my iPhone for Autism" - now expanded to include iPad!

Did you know that your old iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can give a child with autism or developmental speech delay a way to communicate exactly what they want?

This phase of the project has been completed and we are very grateful to all who donated funds which went towards, purchase, repairs and accessories for the devices that were given out. Many more devices were donated and have been passed on to schools and individuals with autism.

We are still collecting old devices - if you want to upgrade your current iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to the latest model - please email affinityautismireland@gmail.com and we will organise collection. We would also be very happy to support local collection drives so please do not hesitate to contact Irish Autism Action for support.

With many thanks to everyone who shared and contributed, Lisa Domican. Grace App.

Many kids with autism or speech delay use pictures attached to a board to ask for what they need or say how they feel. These boards are stored in a book which the user carries around with them. Even when they begin to speak, they may be difficult to understand, so they rely on a growing picture vocabulary which can become very unwieldy.

As a mother of a little girl with autism with few words but a lot of pictures, I wanted to keep encouraging her speech development, but I wanted to be sure we always had the pictures we needed, wherever we went.

And that is where the Grace App for Autism came in.

Developed by Steve Troughton-Smith, with the support of O2 Telefonica, Grace App stores a basic picture vocabulary of Foods, Things I like, Places, Colors, Sizes and Shapes on an iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch with a function for creating a sentence that can be read together.

There is also a facility for finding and taking photographs of all the other things that each individual user may need.

It is a portable means of supporting the communication development of the user, wherever they go and is proving invaluable in improving vocalisations through consistency of use over time. Grace and the other children have also learned to share what they see and photograph independently, as a result of using the App. You can learn more on www.graceapp.com

There are a lot of families that could benefit from trying out the Grace App - but they need the device to use it.

It is a big commitment for a family who may have limited means, and a lot of demands on their income due to the pressures of raising a child with Autism.

But here is a way you can help;
If you are considering upgrading your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - you could think about giving your old one to us.

We can restore it to Factory Settings, install the App and donate it to your local Autism School or Community Support Group - for all their members to try. You can email me on graceappforautism@gmail.com to arrange collection or call 0860486249. We are also donating the devices to families of Adults with Autism - giving them the chance to experience the benefits of Independent Communication for the first time.

And don't worry if it isn't in perfect condition. The lovely people at Fonemenders are subsidising repairs - and offering their stores as a drop off point to save courier costs.

Our Friends at www.otterbox.com have also donated some excellent "Otterbox Defender" covers for protecting devices, and the wonderful Irish Internet Community keep donating Lanyards to make the devices easy to carry.

If you don't have an iPhone to donate - you could make a contribution to our fund for purchasing accessories and or new devices.

These people may have limited means of developing their independent communication and could really benefit from using Grace App.
Everyone should have the right to say what they like and don't like - maybe you can find a way to help them out?

Thanks for considering our campaign, Lisa Domican
Irish Autism Action
Irish Autism Action's mission is to raise the quality of life of individuals and their families affected by autism through ensuring the provision of the highest standards in education, care, support, employment and equality of living opportunities in partnership with families

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