Craig Kinnear's Dublin Marathon Event:Dublin Marathon
Date: 28-10-2013

Hoping to be as quick as this guy !

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Money raised off-line: €250.00
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My Personal Message

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page. The charity that I have chosen to support below is a very worthy cause and I would very much appreciate your support in helping me to raise funds for this organisation.

Charity I am supporting:

DEBRA Ireland

Please read a few words about the charity that I have chosen to support below. You can donate using the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

DEBRA Ireland

DEBRA Ireland is the national charity established in 1988 to provide patient support services and to drive research into treatments and cures for those living with the genetic skin condition, epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Our patients who have EB, have skin that is as delicate and fragile as the wings of a butterfly, and just as easily damaged.  EB has been described by a Consultant Dermatologist in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital as “easily the most debilitating and devastating disease I have ever seen.”   The condition is extremely painful and leads to disability and deformity.  Many of our patients who survive childhood face the frightening reality that they could develop a very aggressive form of skin cancer, due to the constant breakdown of their skin.

DEBRA Ireland offers hope and support to these patients, which is only possible thanks to the ongoing generosity from people like you. 


My Online Sponsors to Date

Name Date Type Amount Comment
Anonymous 24-10-2013 Donation €10.31 -
catriona Burke 23-10-2013 Donation €10.00 Give her wellie!!!!
Chris McEvatt 22-10-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of luck mate lookin forward to having you back!
Anonymous 22-10-2013 Donation €10.00 Winter has come!
Lisa Byrne 21-10-2013 Donation €30.00 Best of luck
Craig Kinnear 15-10-2013 Donation €150.00
James Maher 07-10-2013 Donation €20.00 Best of Luck Craig
Laura Walsh 07-10-2013 Donation €10.00 Good luck!
Anonymous 05-10-2013 Donation €30.00 Good Luck from "probably" your only 92 year old Range Rover Driver and his sidekick!!
Anonymous 02-10-2013 Donation €30.00 Best of Luck Pal
Anonymous 02-10-2013 Donation €100.00 AF
Katherine Byrne 01-10-2013 Donation €30.00 Best of luck.
Mark Taylor 01-10-2013 Donation €20.00 Mark Taylor
Anonymous 02-08-2013 Donation €21.00 Train hard!
Fergal McGuinness 30-07-2013 Donation €20.00 With all this charitable work u will end up with the key of the city grazing sheep in Stephens Green
joe dutton 30-07-2013 Donation €22.00 Stryghor runs!
Ben Burchell 30-07-2013 Donation €10.00 You shall beat the wall
Alan Pearson 30-07-2013 Donation €13.37 I would expect no less than you crossing the finish line in bits. Good Luck!
Aaron Hodgetts 30-07-2013 Donation €13.37 Thunderous Applause
George Goodband 30-07-2013 Donation €20.00 Love the picture Magumba.
Dominick Hever 30-07-2013 Donation €26.22 €1 per mile, only fair. Good luck Craig.