In Memory of Colin Vearncombe Event:In Memory of Colin Vearncombe
Date: 19-02-2016

26.5.1962 - 26.1.2016

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Following Colin's tragic death, his family would like to raise money for Bru Columbanus, a facility that provides 'home from home' accommodation for relatives of seriously ill patients in Cork Hospitals. The staff and facilities there do an amazing job, giving family and friends a peaceful haven close to the hospital. Any donation that you would like to give in memory of Colin would be hugely welcomed. Please feel free to leave a personal message if you'd like. If you prefer to remain anonymous that's fine.

Please donate using the button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

The Family of Colin Verncombe
Bru Columbanus

 Brú Columbanus is a facility that provides “home from home” accommodation for relatives of seriously ill patients in Cork Hospitals and Hospice.


Families first concern is the health of their loved one but consideration has also to be given to the practicalities of their time away from home.Where can they stay?How are they going to finance all this?These worries are removed for families who stay in Brú as we provide our service completely free of charge. We offer a warm welcome caring environment, where families can be together, relax and feel at home.  Brú Columbanus comprises 26 ensuite family rooms, and families who are all in similar situations– get real support and understanding from each other in a way that may be more difficult for family and friends at home to offer. The families who stay in Brú are people just like you and me who never expected to find themselves in such a terrible situation. 

We operate with the minimum possible of paid staff, helped by a number of dedicated volunteers. We have an excellent group of volunteers at present. Our volunteers give freely of their time and expertise and add to the calm, caring environment we provide to all in the house.



My Online Sponsors to Date

Name Date Type Amount Comment
Anonymous 11-05-2016 Donation €22.00 Colin, Thank you for your music! xxx John London, UK
Anthony Larkin 15-04-2016 Donation €330.00 Fan's of MUSICvCANCER conducted a collection and small auction in memory of Colin at the Weekender MvC Live Sessions of which he was planning to play. A total of 330 Euro's was raised for the great man. You were greatly missed Colin but NEVER forgot
Keith Miller 11-04-2016 Donation €10.00 A lovely, hugely talented guy - RIP Colin x
Anonymous 05-04-2016 Donation €5.00 You have my deepest sympathy. Bright memory/ RIP Colin
Anonymous 23-03-2016 Donation €250.00 He was always a great guy with a big heart. I was lucky enough to see Colin, Fergus & Camilla performing together in the local church in West Cork. It was magical. SC x
Anonymous 17-03-2016 Donation €22.00 Sadly missed x
Anonymous 11-03-2016 Donation €10.00 RIP, Beautiful Man xxx
Anonymous 10-03-2016 Donation €50.00 With love to the whole family x
Georgia Milopoulou 10-03-2016 Donation €22.00 I miss you, sweetheart, unbelievable!
Anonymous 09-03-2016 Donation €7.50 RIP Colin. You are so sadly missed.
Anonymous 08-03-2016 Donation €200.00 With a heart full of gratitude and love, Erika
Anonymous 07-03-2016 Donation €40.00 I was a huge fan and corresponded with colin from the early 90's. Two years ago i plucked up the nerve to introduce myself at a gig, he remembered all about absolute hero xx
Natalie Jones 05-03-2016 Donation €22.00 Much love and sorely missed <3 <3
Christina Clarke 05-03-2016 Donation €20.00 Born in the same year, you were the soundtrack to my twenties, and got me through many a hard time. Life feels just a little smaller now.
Martin Ross 04-03-2016 Donation €15.00 -
Philip Jones 01-03-2016 Donation €22.00 -
Anonymous 01-03-2016 Donation €100.00 RIP Colin - sadly missed xx
Anonymous 27-02-2016 Donation €40.00 In memory of a great man who will be missed very very much. Thank you for the music.
Anna Wintzell 26-02-2016 Donation €10.00 ❤️
JANIE HORNALL 25-02-2016 Donation €100.00 We miss you Colin. xx
Anonymous 20-02-2016 Donation €10.00 -
Bryan Gerrard-Longworth 20-02-2016 Donation €45.00 My sincerest condolences to Colin's family and friends, hopefully this donation will help make a difference to someone when they most need it.
Patricia Littleproud [Wright] 19-02-2016 Donation €50.00 It is a bittersweet pleasure to be part of such a relevant charity in Colin's name. It is so tragic that he is no longer with us - Colin was such a special, talented and wonderful person. He will always hold a special place in my heart and his legacy o
Anonymous 19-02-2016 Donation €60.00 With much sympathy for Colin's family and close friends - and great admiration for Colin himself. Very fond memories... x
Anonymous 19-02-2016 Donation €50.00 I cannot go to your memorial, Colin, and I feel this is the next best thing I can do to honor your memory. How fitting that your family thought of donations. I will always miss you.
Anonymous 18-02-2016 Donation €25.00 -
Anonymous 18-02-2016 Donation €100.00 You will be forever in our thoughts, taken so young - so much left to achieve RIP Colin xxx
Anonymous 18-02-2016 Donation €25.00 RIP Colin, such a sad loss of a lovely man. Our thoughts are with Camilla and her boys and family. With love from Sue James & Kitty (from NW2 No 8).
Indy Clark 17-02-2016 Donation €25.00 Thank you Colin.
Anonymous 17-02-2016 Donation €25.00 Farewell colin. Loved your music. Saw you at Newcastle City Hall in the 1980s and again at the Tyne Opera House in 1999. You were fantastic. Such beautiful songs. My thoughts go to all of your family
Daniela Lindemann 17-02-2016 Donation €50.00 We will miss Colin. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Monty & Daniela
Madeleine Rathmell 15-02-2016 Donation €50.00 Thank you Colin for the fabulous music you have left us. You have left us far too soon We will never forget you BLACK xxxx
Anonymous 14-02-2016 Donation €30.00 Happy memories xx
Tim Knowles 14-02-2016 Donation €50.00 In memory of our favourite musician/songwriter. Thanks for the music. Miss you. RIP. Tim and Janet Knowles.
Mark Davidson 12-02-2016 Donation €22.00 consider myself so lucky to have seen you live last year. RIP from another merseysider "born in 1962"
Selen Ceki 12-02-2016 Donation €15.00 There are no words... You are missed deeply.
Neil MacPherson 11-02-2016 Donation €50.00 Commiserations. Colin's a huge musical loss to his supporters; who also knew him to be a warm, decent,caring man.He was closer to his supporters than many musicians /writers so now we feel it more.
Anonymous 11-02-2016 Donation €15.00 Thanks for your comforting care for Colin's family - wonderful fellow villagers.
Anonymous 10-02-2016 Donation €30.00 Colin will be so sadly missed but his music and memory will forever have a special place in my heart. My deepest sympathy and love goes out to Colin's family xxx
Karen Beers 09-02-2016 Donation €130.00 From everyone at Absolute
Anonymous 08-02-2016 Donation €33.00 So sad that we won't be seeing Colin when we come to Cork. Love to all the family. John and Denise Hodgkinson xx
Sabine Lenz 07-02-2016 Donation €50.00 Sounds like a wonderful asset. Thanks for providing a safe haven for Colin's family and friends at a time of suffering.
LINDA MCNEELY 05-02-2016 Donation €50.00 Deepest sympathy to Colin's wife and family, and his parents(my friends Sylvia and Alan)
Henry McGroggan 05-02-2016 Donation €100.00 A lovely man, a great talent, taken too soon.
Marcel Rijs 05-02-2016 Donation €100.00 My sincerest condolences to Camilla, Max, Marius and Milan, but also to everyone who enjoyed and appreciated Colin's art. Long may we enjoy his life's work. What a legacy.
Kathleen Reardon-Noblet 03-02-2016 Donation €50.00 With the warmest of thoughts and prayers from our family to yours. Kathleen, Chris, Devin, Ryan and Shannon.
Joerg Fischer 03-02-2016 Donation €10.00 I was a fan of his music since I heard for the first time "Wonderful life", but I missed to see him live. His songs will stay forever in my heart.
Hiromichi Okuyama 03-02-2016 Donation €10.00 I was among the audience of his live concerts in TOKYO, JAPAN in 1988 and 1989. I am very sad to hear of his death because he has been my most favorite musician ever since.
Anonymous 03-02-2016 Donation €50.00 Our heartfelt condolences Camilla and family from Teresa & Andy
Anonymous 03-02-2016 Donation €22.00 So sad that I will never again see Colin perform live,but I will always have his music.My thoughts are with his family and friends.
COLIN FAIRLEY 03-02-2016 Donation €22.00 What a waste! Great man ! Great Voice xxx From one Colin to another! I feel a large dram coming on! Thank you for the memories. Lang mae your lumb reek Colin.
Carole Young 03-02-2016 Donation €20.00 I always loved Colin's music. God bless him, his family and friends. A pure tragedy. x
Anonymous 03-02-2016 Donation €40.00 So grateful for Colin's beautiful songs and so sad at his passing.
Natalie Mallard 03-02-2016 Donation €25.00 ...everything is coming up roses... xxx
Anonymous 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 Our thoughts are with you.
Joanne Bailey 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 In memory of Colin Vearncombe. RIP Jo Bailey x
Karine B. 02-02-2016 Donation €15.00 With my respect and love to Colin's thoughts are with you all....even through the waves..his warm presence miss us so much.. in my heart Colin takes a special place..bless
Nigel Dyke 02-02-2016 Donation €100.00 Our lives may be poorer for your passing, but they will always be richer for your music.
Anonymous 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 -
Danny Jones 02-02-2016 Donation €15.00 Deepest heartfelt sympathies and thoughts for Colin's family.
Konstantinos Bonotis 02-02-2016 Donation €26.00 You will not fade.
Jason Sheldon 02-02-2016 Donation €250.00 Love, light, and peace. x
Rachel Everett 02-02-2016 Donation €50.00 I'm sure there will always be someone somewhere thinking of Colin.
Ann Jordan 02-02-2016 Donation €100.00 Working with Colin for over 10 years and being a friend was a true pleasure with great memories, just so sad that I can't share them with him. Love to Steve, Camilla and the boys, pus pus xxx
Beverley Mannin Medine 02-02-2016 Donation €25.00 I met Colin a couple of times with Kerry and Calum...he was a gentleman, and his music stays with me. My heartfelt condolences to his family and all who loved him. RIP dear man.
Anonymous 02-02-2016 Donation €20.00 Colin and Camilla were very kind to me many years ago so I'd like to donate to Bru Columbanus who were able to provide support to Colin's family this year.
Vaia Toussas 02-02-2016 Donation €50.00 Colin's music has been with me since 1987. I am deeply saddened at the passing of such a gifted man. My sympathies to his family and hope that they are comforted by the support from around the world.
Anonymous 02-02-2016 Donation €5.00 -
Colin Houston 02-02-2016 Donation €15.00 -
Thomas Richter 02-02-2016 Donation €100.00 He was a wonderful Man, God bless our friend Colin
Barry Robbins 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 Taken way too young. His music had a profound impact on me in my life (so much so that I literally wore out his first 3 LPs!). Just can't believe he's gone. Deepest sympathy to Colin's family.
Anonymous 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 Colin gave us all a "wonderful life" thanks to his music..Liverpool legend..RIP
Ron Morris 02-02-2016 Donation €50.00 Still can't believe you remembered us... and we shall never forget you. Ron & Joan Morris.
Anonymous 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 You were the soundtrack to a chapter in my life. Thank you.
Andrew Turner 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 -
Anonymous 02-02-2016 Donation €22.00 -
Rafe McKenna 02-02-2016 Donation €50.00 With fond memories of a lovely man. Rafe & Karin McKenna
Huw Lynd-Evans 31-01-2016 Donation €100.00 With love and admiration for the excellent service provided by Bru Columbanus. Huw Lynd-Evans
Martyn Ware 31-01-2016 Donation €100.00 God bless him Martyn Ware - Heaven 17