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Date: 12-10-2013

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Hey Guys,

This will be my forth trip with the Niall Mellon Township Trust. This year we are moving to Kenya, Nairobi to be specific.

The project for this year will be focusing on schools and it is called “Mellon Educate”. The charity has already visited visited a number of schools in the slums surrounding Nairobi and the children (just like in South Africa) are smiling and happy even though they live in poverty and they are educated in buildings that are falling down and unsafe.

In 2003 the Government of Kenya introduced “free primary education” which has led to huge overcrowding and in some circumstances to classes being conducted outside as there are too many pupils to be accommodated in the existing shack buildings, with little or no sanitation.

The aim this year is to give these children the proper facilities - classrooms, sanitation and a safe environment to allow them to learn, develop and grow. If these children receive a decent education, they improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Education in Ireland is ours by right. As a volunteer for the Niall Mellon Township Trust, I would like to be able to help the children of the slums in Nairobi to have the opportunity to learn and to play, to be children, not child labour.

So yet again, I am asking for your help. Any donation you can give would be appreciated and will be helping an amazing charity to do fantastic work.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

Mellon Educate

Mellon Educate is an international volunteer-based charity and we have now embarked on a 10-year  initiative to provide educational assistance for more than 100,000 of Africa’s most impoverished children. We need volunteers and financial support from a lot of people to achieve this ambitious target.

We are really proud to have surpassed our previous target to provide homes for 100,000 homeless people in South Africa’s townships. This was only possible with the collective efforts of more than 22,000 vounteers who helped us to complete 25,000 houses for more than 125,000 of South Africa’s poorest citizens.

Having built better homes, we are now focused on bulding better lives through better education and we are asking for your help on this most important second mission, either as a volunteer or by donating via standing order.

Every donation you give makes a big difference to the children we are trying to help.

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cristin mc intyre 27-05-2013 Donation €20.00 Keep up the good work Claire.