Team #6 Claire Cullen and Matthew Hainbach do Trinity Jailbreak 2013 Event:LawSoc presents Trinity Jailbreak with VDP
Date: 09-03-2013

Trinity Jailbreak 2013

0 Days To Go!

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This fundraising page is now completed and it is no longer possible to sponsor this fundraiser via this fundraising page.
Money raised off-line: €0.00
Money raised on-line: €3,303.00

My Personal Message

Hey Guys,

Thanks for visiting our personal fundraising page. The charities that we have chosen to support below are two very worthy causes and we would very much appreciate your support in helping us to raise funds for these organisations.

Charities we are supporting:
1. Trinity St. Vincent De Paul
2. DU Amnesty

Please read a few words about Trinity VDP below. You can donate using the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail from us thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

Claire and Matthew
Trinity St. Vincent De Paul
Trinity VDP  an entirely run student society operating from Trinity College to help kids and adults within the surrounding area. We run more than twenty weekly activities ranging from soup runs on Tuesday and Thursday, homework clubs, on most days of the week and weekly fundraising events. Along with that we have the annual “Panto” staring students and children from disadvantaged areas in inner city Dublin and our annual Santiago trip that last year raised 20,000 euro. 

My Online Sponsors to Date

Name Date Type Amount Comment
Anonymous 03-04-2013 Donation €149.00 Off-line fund
Roger Levitt 22-03-2013 Donation €25.00 Amazing. Can U help solve our budget deficit without printing money? XRoger Abi Aaron Giddy & Tali
Anonymous 17-03-2013 Donation €20.00 -
Anonymous 16-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Fantastic achievement
Anonymous 15-03-2013 Donation €20.00 welldone!
Jennie Parker 13-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Well done guys!
Cathy McShane 13-03-2013 Donation €5.00 -
Anonymous 13-03-2013 Donation €5.00 -
Anonymous 12-03-2013 Donation €2.00 -
Catherine Nulty 12-03-2013 Donation €15.00 Well done Claire! Very impressive altogether!
Aisling Crosbie 12-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Well done Guys!
Alexandra Marks 12-03-2013 Donation €50.00 I'm dying to hear how you did it! What a fantastic achievement - well done both!
Grace O' Keeffe 12-03-2013 Donation €5.00 -
Ciara O' Connor 12-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Marie O'Mahony 12-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Well done Claire on a trip of a lifetime!
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €20.00 You guys are unbelievable! Well done!
Naoise McDonnell 11-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Unbelievable work guys you should be so proud! Congratulations! xx
Sinéad Keohane 11-03-2013 Donation €20.00 woo well done guys you are so famous!x
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Well done!
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €100.00 well done Claire and Matthew-very exciting and well done - was trying to drum up people I knew in Ar
maeve nolan 11-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Go God Child! All that spiritual direction gave you wings! (forget the Red Bull!)
Fiona McGuire 11-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done Claire, hilarious antics!
Charlotte Murphy 11-03-2013 Donation €20.00 From Ms. Sawyer in Andrew's where you're the most exciting thing since Mr. Hehir's voice broke
Gillian Judge 11-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done!! Great entertainment all weekend!
emma percival 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Unreal impressive Well Done!
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €30.00 Fair Play, this is the stuff of dreams!
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Incredible!
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Absolutely unreal, Well done!!
Dympna Cullen 11-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Wow fantastic
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 That was unbelievably exciting. Congrats!
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Congratulations, amazing result
Philip Doyle 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Holy Shit! Bloody Well Done. Anyone in Trinity who can't find at least €2 for this effort deserves
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 fair play! enjoy a celebratory steak this evening!
Anonymous 11-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done guys!! Incredible!
Ciaran O'Melia 11-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Great initiative!
Alice O'Dwyer 11-03-2013 Donation €5.00 well done guys!
Kate Doyle 11-03-2013 Donation €10.00 well done guys, get some much needed rest and get home safely!
Daire Rothwell 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Incredible result! Holiday declared from placement tomorrow i think! Good luck getting home xoxo
fiona Barry 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Happy Twentyfirst Matther-Fiona & Derek
Karen Walsh 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 woop
Rachel Barry 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Inspiring. Only sorry that I can't afford to give more.
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €100.00 Always dreamed of escaping to South America! Congratulations
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 I'm in awe! Well done, it has been so entertaining keeping up on facebook!
Patrick Kerr 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Fair play lads
Brian Woods 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 A great weekend's entertainment, congratulations!
Dermot Frost 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 -
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 very impressive
Alan Walsh 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Fair play
Aisling Cass-Kavanagh 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 So proud of you! Good luck getting back now!!
Orla Hennessy 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done Claire!
Jenny Lardner 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Well Done Guys!!!!
Ciaran Lyng 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Incredible effort. Well done!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Well played. Looking forward to hearing how you two managed it!
Emma Shalvey 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Congrats!
Joe Holt 10-03-2013 Donation €30.00 Amazing achievement, well done guys!
Laura Hegarty 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done! Unbelievable achievement.
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €2.00 -
Carla Quinn 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Huge Congrats, Very Proud of our Rathdown Girl Winning x
James Byrne 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done :D
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Made my day.
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 -
Rachael Flood 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 you've made alot of final meds weekends alot more entertaining! amazing stuff!
Florian Auferoth 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 more than just an average day i'm guessing...?
Ailbhe White-Gibson 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 In awe of you guys, Well done!!!
David Cunningham 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Unreal Stuff
Peter Khiew 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Great job both of you!
Andrew Lockhart 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 So impressed!
Marie Gavin 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Good luck getting home!
Dillon Sheehan 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 So impressed lads! You did amazingly well!
Hayley Fairbairn 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 The most entertaining study day of finals. you are guys are AMAZING!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €100.00 Good luck getting home!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Fair play guys!
Anna Brown 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 So proud! Kisses
Conor McGarrigle 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well Done!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 So impressed with you guys, Emer and I have lost years off our lives watching the twitter feed! xx
Renate Markey-Boeschl 10-03-2013 Donation €30.00 Matthew, keep going and well done! Renate and Thomas Markey
Eimear Keane 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Unbelievable guys. Thank you for entertaining my Sunday. Eimear xoxo
Jo ann Barrett 10-03-2013 Donation €15.00 Great job guys! The Barretts are super excited for you!
Niamh McCarthy 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Such an achievement, well done!!
Eveline Matthews 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Fair play!
Bryan Traynor 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Fair play guys! Good luck getting back!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 well done!!
Ewan Gilford 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done guys.. Keep going from Dave Gilford
Sarah Phelan 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Such an amazing achievement!! x
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Conor Prendergast 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Sorry its late and hopefully you haven't already had to use your second bag of jew gold matthew..
Jack Sheehan 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Don't know you guys, but this is incredible.
tom fee 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 -
Elinor Jenkins 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Well done - great adventure!
Katie Nicholson 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Unbelievable so far Claire!!!! u go glen coco!!!!
Laura Marks 10-03-2013 Donation €100.00 How are you getting back???
Cathie Drislane 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done you two!! Cannot believe youve gotten so far!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Congrats on both getting so far and raising so much money!
Frances Morris 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Well done Claire. Sounds incredible! Bring home some sun x
Ali O'Brien 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Good luck Claire!! Amazing job well done x
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Well done!
Anna Tierney 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 This is amazing guys! lots of love xxx
aqeel ahamad 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 u guys are unreal!
David Horgan 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 We hope you win congrats for getting so far
Ciara O'Connor 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Literally gobsmacked. Well done!!x
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Lads, this is impressed!
Shane Harding 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Seriously impressive!!
Ewan Gilford 10-03-2013 Donation €15.00 Good luck Matthew and Claire. Keep going!!!! Xxx
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Good luck, guys!
James Nolan 10-03-2013 Donation €30.00 amazing effort! Keep pushing!
Fiona Lynott 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Fair play guys! Cheers for an extremely entertaining/nerve wrecking Sunday!
Gavin Kelly 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Never thought ye'd get so far, had to donate again, you guys are legends!
Charlotte Murphy 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Had to donate again, so proud of you two mingers x
Helen Marks 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Matthew, if you reach the Malvinas (Falklands) will give you another €100. Dad
Susan Carney 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Keep going South if you want to can do it!!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Well done guys
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Sure it's for a good cause ;) Fair play guys!
Catherine King 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well done you crazy kids!
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Matthew , I've been strong-armed by Fiona Barry ! Great charity , well done. Enjoy Buenas Aires.
catherine macfarlane 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 I'm so proud!! Expecting to see you in Madrid on your way home to celebrate!
Katie Hainbach 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Keep going Matthew and Claire, so impressed and strangely proud. Love Katie (Matthew's sister)
Éanna Ó Siadhail 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Seriously impressed guys. Hope you can get further away.
Emma Tobin 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Well. Done. Wow.
Lorna Power 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Guys this is amazing! Well done
Ciara Drumm 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Just amazing!! best of luck with the last few hours!
Caoimhe Brennan 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 you guys are the best!!xxx
Elle O'Driscoll 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 This is so great guys, yer doing amazing!
Thomas Matthews 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 You're both heroes! Get on it!
Lakshman Kumar 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Hope you guys win!! :)
Orla O'Dwyer 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Keep refreshing my news feed to see your latest updates! Hope you winnnnn!!
Sarah Petch 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Well Done guys! You've done absolutely brilliantly! So proud of you both xxxx
Anonymous 10-03-2013 Donation €26.00 Let's get to 1000!
Conor Toale 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 absolute madness, serious props to you both!
Kevin Jacob 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 -
Luke Moseley 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Bursting with pride, who'd have thought 2 of the biggest idiots I know would make it this far :P
Mary Joyce 10-03-2013 Donation €8.00 Well done guys, you're doing great!!
john marks 10-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Good luck to you both Love Grandma and Grandpa
Kim O'Toole 10-03-2013 Donation €5.00 I'll put another 5er in if ya's win :)
Grace Garvey 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Love to one of my sea*******
Catherine Joy 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Great work Claire, keep going!!! :)
Stephen Ludgate 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Unbelievable stuff guys
Jean Lowry 10-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Keep Going!! You're doing great!
Paul Kavanagh 10-03-2013 Donation €100.00 Keep going south. They're on your heels.
Megan Fennell 10-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Well done Claire, absolutely incredible!!!
Anonymous 09-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Deal is a deal, very impressive work
Anonymous 09-03-2013 Donation €20.00 Good luck
Charlotte Murphy 09-03-2013 Donation €10.35 Ill double it if you two score
Conor Feely 09-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Those people in argentina, ya, I'm friends with them...
Aislinn McCauley 09-03-2013 Donation €5.00 seriously impressive claire!! buen viaje!
Andrew Davidson 09-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Bloody hell you're going far. Fair play.
Eithne Byrne 08-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Good Luck guys, looking forward to seeing how far ye get :)
Gavin Kelly 08-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Best of luck guys! And have a ball!
Fiona Lynott 08-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Best of luck guys, hope it goes well!
Jenni Harrison 08-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Have fun!
Anonymous 08-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Best of luck,enjoy the trip.
Helen Marks 08-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Good luck. Remember to come back home!
Anonymous 07-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Good luck guys. Reach for the stars. Sky's the limit, etc.
Félix Collard 06-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Good luck !
Lorcan Cooper 06-03-2013 Donation €10.00 €10 for every continent you visit, plus a €20 brucey bonus if you make it to Israel
michael mccrohan 06-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Can't wait to see where ye end up! Best of luck!
Isabel Cornell 05-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Good luck guys!
Eithne O\' Mahony 04-03-2013 Donation €100.00 Thomas wishes you the best of luck
Anonymous 04-03-2013 Donation €50.00 Good Luck to you
daire shanahan 03-03-2013 Donation €5.00 This is not a donation...this is to buy me a Toblerone!!!
shannon cleary 03-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Please come home safe Claire <3 (you too Matthew, I guess)
Daire Rothwell 03-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Good luck! Hope your telephone voice achieved results! Sell Matthew if you're stuck.
Charles Julienne 03-03-2013 Donation €5.65 More than welcome to crash in Tours
Joseph Marks 03-03-2013 Donation €5.00 Good luck guys!
Anonymous 02-03-2013 Donation €10.00 Always wish I did this, good luck!
Caoimhe Brennan 02-03-2013 Donation €5.00 I'll triple it if you leave Matthew behind... (just kidding bbz I'd miss our stray dog too much) ;)
catherine macfarlane 02-03-2013 Donation €10.00 I'm expecting big things
Anonymous 02-03-2013 Donation €50.00 -
Emer Cullen 02-03-2013 Donation €50.00 i cannot wait to see how far you get!
Thomas Matthews 21-02-2013 Donation €5.00 I've travelled with Matthew before, stay away from swimming pools...