Man in Pink in aid of Cancer Awareness Event:
Date: 30-10-2010

Pink Panther meets Mark Halsey

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My Personal Message

Hey Guys,

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page. The Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre is a very worthy cause and I would very much appreciate your support in helping me to raise funds for this charity.

The Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre offers a supportive environment for people affected by cancer, providing counselling, education, information and support to cancer patients and their families. The centre offers holistic and complimentary therapies “free of charge”.

As you can see from the picture above I shook referee Mark Halseys hand when I made my way onto the pitch - the reason I did this is because Mark himself has recently battled back from throat cancer proving that this dreadful illness can be beaten.

You can donate using the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

Combines 4 Charity

Guniness World Record Achievers 2009

Combines 4 Charity was brought about to set a new world record of having the most combine harvesters working simultaneously in the same field. This record was achieved on August 15th 2009 with 175 combine harvesters working alongside each other and along with doing so raised €300,000 for 4 Irish charities namely Barnardos, Gary Kelly Cancer Support, Self Help Africa and the National Rehabilitation Trust.In 2010 Combines 4 Charity organised a monster raffle where first prize was a new John Deere tractor. This raffle raised €100,000 for our 4 chosen charities that we supported previously. Also in 2010 Combines 4 Charity launched our Open Farm in Rathfeigh, Co. Meath. Here we have Oats, Wheat and Barley growing with proceeds raised from farm sales being donated to our chosen charities. In 2012 we plan to reclaim our world record having the most combine harvesters working simultaneously in the same field. The date is July 21st and our event will take place in the same field used previously in Duleek Co Meath

My Online Sponsors to Date

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Anonymous 10-11-2010 Donation €10.00 Fair play to ya mate - OTC
Alison Bonner 03-11-2010 Donation €20.00 Good on ya Sweets!
Eamon Kelly 03-11-2010 Donation €2.00 Hooperman is Larry Murphy
Anonymous 02-11-2010 Donation €10.00 Well done lad - NC2
Anonymous 02-11-2010 Donation €10.00 Didn't think you'd really go through with it! Keep it going buddie. ROR_1990
Anonymous 01-11-2010 Donation €10.00 Well done ya mad baxtard :) from Blue Blood
philip rooney 29-10-2010 Donation €10.00 well done mate, for great cause--proon
Anonymous 29-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Eddie Van Boxtel
Dave Kavanagh 29-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Next time, at least stop the ball going into the Villa net! lol
Louise Kermath 28-10-2010 Donation €18.00 Hilarious!!
Anonymous 28-10-2010 Donation €22.00 Can't beat the madness and by Jesus I underestimated yours Sweets !!!
Anonymous 28-10-2010 Donation €11.00 Fair play Sweets...legendary stuff! Looking fwd to Morph's next appearance!
Anonymous 28-10-2010 Donation €100.00 -
Stephen Fox 28-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Superdub2 (Unlike Stevo Sideways im not giving my full real name!)
Anonymous 28-10-2010 Donation €10.00 I don't break promises - Chumba J. Wumba Snr
Darren Kelly 27-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Jim Rock could be after you over image rights.!! Well done you lunatic.
Joe Greene 27-10-2010 Donation €30.00 Well done Sweets. Joey
Lord Wanch 27-10-2010 Donation €5.00 Can't understand why ya didnt stuff a football sock in the Morph!!!
Richard Kelly 27-10-2010 Donation €10.00 Absolutely hilarious Sweets! Fair play to you!
Anonymous 27-10-2010 Donation €10.00 Impressive!! Well.........the stunt was impressive!!
Roisin McGuirk 27-10-2010 Donation €10.00 Tickled Pink eh
Aidan McCullen 27-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Kudos to the Pink invader!
Anonymous 27-10-2010 Donation €10.00 -
Joe Healy 27-10-2010 Donation €25.00 Genius!!!!!!!!!
MARIE-ANNE KEARNS 27-10-2010 Donation €22.00 Ronan also wanted to donate!
MARIE-ANNE KEARNS 27-10-2010 Donation €22.00 well done sweets xx
Nicola Brunty 27-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Now there's a sight for sore eyes.....
morgan buttner 26-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Well done - Lex.
James Mahon 26-10-2010 Donation €10.00 Classic, fair play. Hopefully they will scrap your fine if you show it was for charity???
Anonymous 26-10-2010 Donation €20.00 A worthy cause...
Conal Glennon 26-10-2010 Donation €20.00 -
Colin Byrne 26-10-2010 Donation €10.00 Well done lad, you should have brought a cucumber though!
Stephen Daly 26-10-2010 Donation €20.00 Fair play mate an excellent piece of work from Stevo Sideways
Anonymous 26-10-2010 Donation €5.00 theunholygoalie says well done!
Anonymous 26-10-2010 Donation €10.00 -