Alan Collins's Mizen Head to Malin Head skateboard Event:
Date: 10-07-2010

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This fundraising page is now completed and it is no longer possible to sponsor this fundraiser via this fundraising page.
Money raised off-line: €5,500.00
Money raised on-line: €4,362.48

My Personal Message

Hey Guys,

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page. On the 10th of July 2010 I will attempt to skateboard approximately 835 kms from Mizen Head to Malin Head in aid of Muscular Dystrophy Ireland.

See promo video here -
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Charity -

I expect the skate will take approximately 11 days. Aside from the personal challenge of doing this my main aim is to raise money and promote awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Ireland (MDI). MDI is a voluntary organization which provides support for people and their families who are affected by muscular dystrophy and allied neuromuscular conditions.

The money i raise will go directly towards research into treatments for children with muscular dystrophy. Many children with muscular dystrophy are confined to wheelchairs by their teens and life span can also be dramatically shortened. I have been skateboarding since I was 9 years old and the thought of children not being able to enjoy what they love made me want to raise money and awareness for this worthy cause.

Please read a few words about the charity that I have chosen to support below. You can donate using the "sponsor me now" button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the website is very secure. You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Really appreciate this. Thanks!

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland is a voluntary organisation which provides information and support to people with neuromuscular conditions and their families through a wide range of support services.

Families affected by the condition muscular dystrophy need different supports and MDI strives to provide services based on individual needs. It does this through the provision of support services, such as information, family support, respite, youth activities, transport and production of a newsletter and website.

My Online Sponsors to Date

Name Date Type Amount Comment
Kizzy Moroney 05-08-2010 Donation €30.00 Congratulations on a mammoth achievement Al!CU at the wedding x kizzy & john
tiina svahn 02-08-2010 Donation €15.00 well done Al!!!
Martin Byrne 30-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Well Done Al!
Anonymous 28-07-2010 Donation €15.00 Good work Al. Impressive work
Anonymous 26-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Congrats Al for completing your goal! Well done!
Anonymous 25-07-2010 Donation €50.00 An excellent cause... Well done :)
David Willoughby 22-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Well done Al, amazing effort.
Darran Keogh 21-07-2010 Donation €10.00 passed you at mullranny, good luck lad.
Anonymous 21-07-2010 Donation €100.00 Congratulations!
christopher hunter 21-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Congratulations "big leg"
John Alldis 21-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Superb initiative. Great achievement. Keep up the skating!!
Simon Rand 21-07-2010 Donation €30.00 Great work Al, we've been checking in each day, never doubted you'd nail it.. Si & Nici
Sarah Rand 21-07-2010 Donation €30.00 Have been following you all the way. Congrats on an amazing achievement Sarah & Barry
Anonymous 21-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Great job Alan, well done!
Cailín Lynn 20-07-2010 Donation €15.00 Incredible, good luck
Anonymous 20-07-2010 Donation €15.00 Well done Al - Regards Dave Leahy
Ryan (Pinky) Leathem 20-07-2010 Donation €10.00 This is Monumental Al! well done mate.
Colum Kenny 17-07-2010 Donation €30.00 Congratulations
Yoshinari Tanaka 16-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Hey Alan, great challenge. all the best man!
William Roche 15-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Best of luck, you are doing great! Janice and William
darren jones 15-07-2010 Donation €20.00 -
Anonymous 15-07-2010 Donation €25.00 Hi Alan ,a great challenge . all the very best.
Dave Rose 15-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Freakin awesome AL!! I'll sponser you again if you do us a kickflip on that board - Rosie
Anonymous 15-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Well done. Keep up the good skate.
Anonymous 14-07-2010 Donation €5.00 Best wishes
Anonymous 14-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Best of luck with the tour!
Anonymous 14-07-2010 Donation €10.00 What an amazing challenge and a great cause.
Anonymous 14-07-2010 Donation €22.00 Good luck, fair play to you for raising money for a great cause
Sadhbh Devlin 14-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Amazing challenge to set yourself, for a great cause. Best of luck!
Stephen Doyle 13-07-2010 Donation €50.00 -
Gang The Delaneys 13-07-2010 Donation €100.00 Great stuff Al - you will be hopping along on one leg for the rest of the summer - sandycove/bellhar
Anonymous 12-07-2010 Donation €20.00 -
Noss Clyne-Kelly 12-07-2010 Donation €25.00 The very best of luck Alan!
Dinny Kelly 11-07-2010 Donation €20.00 -
Jill McGavock 11-07-2010 Donation €22.00 Best wishes and I hope you succeed!
Anonymous 09-07-2010 Donation €100.00 -
Emma Gilsenan 09-07-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck Alan! :)
Michael Feehan 09-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Good luck Al
Isobel Harris 09-07-2010 Donation €10.00 Fair play to you Alan!! Wishing you the very best of luck.
Niamh Collins 09-07-2010 Donation €100.00 Hey Al .. wish we could be there to support you but we will be willing you along from Sydney! Luvya
Ciaran Collins 09-07-2010 Donation €14.36 Uncle Alan, I sold me tricycle, love you, Noe
Ciaran Collins 09-07-2010 Donation €111.11 good luck uncle Al. This is our life savings, Cial and Ocean
Gavin Wood 08-07-2010 Donation €30.00 Good luck!
Graham Byrne 08-07-2010 Donation €10.00 John Heerey made me do it. Best of luck with it all
Anonymous 08-07-2010 Donation €22.00 Best of luck. We'll pray for no rain and promise to look after val when u away
Clodagh Mulkerrin 08-07-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck
Nicola Lyons 07-07-2010 Donation €10.00 The very best of luck.......a really worthy cause!
John Dawson 07-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Best of Luck Al and fair play to you.
Anonymous 07-07-2010 Donation €25.00 I'd get tired just driving that distance! Good luck ! Dan's mate Sid .
Anonymous 07-07-2010 Donation €30.00 Good luck Al!
gavin beattie 06-07-2010 Donation €25.00 Good lad Al - fair play.
Anonymous 06-07-2010 Donation €25.00 May the Gods be kind to you.
Ali Gibbons 06-07-2010 Donation €40.00 Good luck Al. Take it easy.
Neil Menzies 06-07-2010 Donation €30.00 Fair-play Alan, beats a 100km trek anyday!!!! Good Luck.
Tim Fry 06-07-2010 Donation €25.00 Alan, you're inspiring! Best of luck for the challenge.
Declan Winston 06-07-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck Alan
Denise Egan 06-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Best of Luck Alan
Colman Ryan 06-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Good Luck Alan
fiona ward 06-07-2010 Donation €22.00 good luck!!!
Anonymous 06-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Very best of luck on the journey!
Sarah Donnelly 06-07-2010 Donation €50.00 I'm sure there are easier ways of getting out of campaigns! Good luck! Sarah
Stephen Bray 06-07-2010 Donation €10.00 may the wind be at your back
Anonymous 06-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Best of luck Alan!!
christine ayoub 03-07-2010 Donation €30.00 Best of luck Al!
Anonymous 01-07-2010 Donation €22.00 10 days? I reckon you can do it in 2 ; ) Good luck Al, see you back in Greystones
Anonymous 01-07-2010 Donation €50.00 Switch Legs........
John Fogarty 01-07-2010 Donation €20.00 Best of luck Al, should have gone north to south though... downhill for the win
Mark Collins 30-06-2010 Donation €75.00 Best of luck with this brave venture - we will be thinking of you!
Joseph LaRocque 30-06-2010 Donation €50.00 Good Luck Alan!
Jane Trenaman 29-06-2010 Donation €22.00 Good luck!
ollie carroll 29-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck, interesting challenge!
Leslie A Schnmidt 29-06-2010 Donation €100.00 Good luck!!
Elaine Shefflin 29-06-2010 Donation €30.00 Best of Luck Alan !
m lovatt 29-06-2010 Donation €50.00 -
Lorraine King 29-06-2010 Donation €20.00 Best of luck Al
Barry Kinnear 28-06-2010 Donation €20.00 Best of luck Al, you'll be well able for it after all the practise.
Des Swan 28-06-2010 Donation €20.00 Fair play A.C!
Anonymous 25-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Sounds like a real challenge - good luck and all the best
Dermot Killoran 23-06-2010 Donation €75.00 HK trained, but Ireland gained! - go for it man!
noel moynihan 22-06-2010 Donation €20.00 Best of luck, Alan
Pat Candon 21-06-2010 Donation €50.00 Best of luck with this great challenge!
Beata Bula 20-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Good Luck Alan! I will keep my fingers crossed:)
Francois COMMANAY 18-06-2010 Donation €30.00 Al that's a crazy trip andI like it .... Sure you'll achieve it on schedule !!!! Bonne chance
Anonymous 18-06-2010 Donation €22.00 Good luck Al!! :-)
Andrei Marchanka 18-06-2010 Donation €10.00 Best of luck !
Richard Wayre 17-06-2010 Donation €25.00 You're going to miss England winning the World Cup!
Peter Rand 15-06-2010 Donation €30.00 good luck Al. From your godparents. Pete and Sheils
Sarah Hughes 15-06-2010 Donation €20.00 Good luck Alan!
David McLoughlin 15-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Fair play to ya Alan. Best of luck with it!
Tara Kelly 15-06-2010 Donation €20.00 Some challenge, fair play and good luck with it. Tara & Donal
Andy Carr 14-06-2010 Donation €25.00 All the best Al
Zoe Langan 14-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck Alan - hope it all goes well!
Liam Gallagher 14-06-2010 Donation €20.00 -
Rachael Kenney 14-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Awesome idea for a great cause! Best of Luck to you.
Gregory Tilder 13-06-2010 Donation €50.00 God, I hope you've forgotten the old HK-days rule: if Alan goes first, Greg has to do it second. GL!
Anonymous 12-06-2010 Donation €25.00 -
Sharlene Giles 11-06-2010 Donation €5.00 Would give more but am unemployed so its all I can manage at the moment.Great cause, best of luck
Peter Tanham 11-06-2010 Donation €22.00 You're just nuts.
Emily Deely 11-06-2010 Donation €22.00 Alan - what a challenge. Best of luck with it . Emily D
Liam Rea 11-06-2010 Donation €20.00 up the monkeybird
Sarah Priestman 11-06-2010 Donation €25.01 Best of Luck Alan...
Hazel Mc Crann 11-06-2010 Donation €20.00 It's mostly downhill so it shoudln't be too hard
Anonymous 11-06-2010 Donation €50.00 Best of luck for something great... will you wear a helmet please?
Christina Clavin 11-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Alan great stuff, it'll be no bother to you !
Carmel Dawson 11-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck you mad thing!!!
Sinead Hosey 11-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Good Luck Al!
Philip Mangan 10-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck Alan!
Russell Hill 10-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Ill never forget the day you cleared the trolley bay in quinnsworth bray on a set of roller blades.
Skateboarding .ie 10-06-2010 Donation €100.00 Good Luck Alan, Such a great cause!
Taka Nishiyama 10-06-2010 Donation €50.00 I will buy you beer in Japan!!
john-paul matthew 09-06-2010 Donation €10.00 nice one, tremendous effort, dig deep and get her done! good luck from popé
Andrew Gibbons 09-06-2010 Donation €30.00 Good luck!
John Heerey 09-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Never thought we'd refer to Big Al as a Pusher - After this he'll be 'King o'da Pushers'!!! : )
Roger Kavanagh 09-06-2010 Donation €50.00 Skate through Ballina in a Mankini and I'll double my donation
Mary O'Dwyer 09-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck Alan from JJ and Mary O'Dwyer
boggin' zine 09-06-2010 Donation €50.00 good luck al, this is a massive effort to help those less fortunate than ourselves
Ben Ward 08-06-2010 Donation €22.00 Best of luck Alan, hats off...
michael reidy 05-06-2010 Donation €20.00 Whatever the reverse of Go Ndaire on bothair leat is......may the road slope down to meet you!
Lisa Scanlan 03-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Good luck Alan! Lisa, Fonz, Amy & Tom
Jason Hickey 03-06-2010 Donation €22.00 Great thing to do for a great cause, good on ya
Matt Kosciusko 03-06-2010 Donation €100.00 Great skate for a great cause dude - good luck and have fun!
Una Wafer 02-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck with the challenge and the fundraising :)
Eimear O'Dwyer 02-06-2010 Donation €40.00 Best of luck Al!
Conor Byrne 02-06-2010 Donation €50.00 Good Luck Al, incredible challenge. Conor & Gemma
Grant Masterson 02-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck with this Al, fair play to ya
FIONA GREENE 02-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Best of luck Alan!
Jason Kelly 02-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Good luck.. thats some mean feat!!
Ciaran Collins 02-06-2010 Donation €100.00 100 now and a 100 if you do it
Anonymous 01-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Fair play big stones, best of luck!
ciaran o connor 01-06-2010 Donation €25.00 Learn to push switch while you're at it!