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Soul of Haiti Foundation

Organisation ID: MYC0038

About Soul of Haiti Foundation

The Soul of Haiti Foundation was established when a group of entrepreneurs and finalists of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year traveled to Haiti in 2007. The entrepreneurs returned to Haiti in 2008 and subsequently established a Board of Directors to carry out the Foundations mission. The Foundation has gone from strength to strength and after the devastating earthquake in 2010 increased its activity on all projects.

Despite further challenges in 2012 with Hurricane Isaac and Hurricane Sandy, Soul of Haiti remains committed to helping the communities with which it works to build sustainable livelihoods. 

Our Projects

Funds raised for the Soul of Haiti Foundation are used to support sustainable community and livelihoods projects. Since its establishment in 2007, Soul of Haiti has been working with local groups using its Directors and Sponsors business skills and resources to help the Haitian people develop their communities.

Our core goal is to assist in the development of enterprise, education, medical facilities and general local engagement & support.

The communities we support are:

  1. Madame Bernard, Ile a Vache, South
  2. Christine, Cavaillon, South
  3. Abacou, Le Cayes, South
  4. St Martin, Port au Prince 

Ile a Vache

In 2007 Soul of Haiti visited St François D’Assise orphanage and immediately knew that this would be one of our core projects. The orphanage is on the island of Ile a Vache off the South coast of Haiti. It is run by a Franciscan nun called Sr. Flora and is home to 67 children 27 of whom are physically or mentally disabled.

Soul of Haiti have been working with Sr. Flora and the orphanage since 2007 to improve the living conditions, equipment and structure of the orphanage so they can provide better care for the children through training & development of staff. As well as facilitating visits by other organisations to the island, Soul of Haiti organises annual visits of medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other volunteers working to improve both living and medical facilities for the children.

In recent times we have extended our support to the local market village of Madame Bernard as well as providing support to the local medical centre and school. 

In 2014 Soul of Haiti will be launching its new Women's Centre which will provide pre/post natal care as well as training & education in best practice for the delivery of babies. The aim of this Programme is to reduce the number of maternal deaths in childbirth (1 in 83 women in Haiti will die in childbirth as against 1 in 8100 women in Ireland) as well as the numbers of children being born with Cerebral Palsy (This is when children have mental & physical disabilities due to lack of oxygen at birth).


Soul of Haiti in partnership with Grant Engineering has been leading the development of the fishing village of Abacou since 2008.

The Foundation has built a well to provide fresh water for the village and has recently completed the rebuild of the local school. Also in order to create local enterprises and sustainable livelihoods for the local community, the Soul of Haiti has constructed an enterprise centre. This enterprise centre will act as a hub for existing businesses, a centre to create new businesses and a training facility for the local community. It has been kitted out with solar panelled refrigeration units for use by the fishermen and additional facilitates to promote small business creation.

Christine Model Farm 

Christine Model Farm is a farm-to-cooperative programme established by the Soul of Haiti Foundation in partnership with Country Crest Foods in 2010 and is in the Cavaillon Valley. The farm was established with a view to creating a centre of excellence for farming practices in Haiti, with a focus on four overlapping, inter-dependent areas of activity; a Commercial Farm, a Research & Experimental Facility, a Training Centre and a Seed Bank.

St Martin Community Development 

The St. Martin area of Port-au-Prince is severely economically deprived. With a population of 85,000 people, 85% of whom are unemployed, the area suffers from high levels of gang violence, anti-social behaviour and a lack of government services.

Despite all the challenges there is a strong community of emerging entrepreneurs who require advice and training. Soul of Haiti aims to stimulate economic growth in St Martin by empowering disadvantaged entrepreneurs to succeed in business by supporting their personal and professional development. The first success story is Grandolphes Bakery, a full functioning family run affair. This business model for a local bakery will now be replicated in other areas of Haiti.

Soul of Haiti is also engaged with local groups, running regular soccer tournaments as well as facilitating a number of community led initiatives to generate community pride. 







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