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Cheeverstown House

Organisation ID: CHY3203

About Cheeverstown House

Cheeverstown aims to provide individualised support to people and their families. This is achieved through the use of individual plans which are developed with the person, their family and the people they choose.

Cheeverstown asks people who use our service what they want and how they want to be supported. It focuses on what is important to them, their job, their friends, their health, their home and their participation in the community.


  • Acknowledges the rights of people to avail of our services in a manner that respects their dignity and privacy as well as the right to make their own choices;

  • Supports a culture which strives to maximise each person’s quality of life;

  • Aims to provide Quality Person-centered services, in partnership with all stakeholders to verifiable standards of best practice.

  • Seeks to maximise each person’s full potential and ensure his or her long-term well being within a positive environment;

  • Acknowledges families in their commitment to their family member with an intellectual disability;

  • Aspires to lead and manage services through efficient and accountable use of available resources;

  • Values each staff member’s contribution.

Cheeverstown provides a range of children’s services to people with an intellectual disability from early childhood onwards, including – Pre-School, Primary School, Respite and Residential Supports.

Adult Services are available to older people with disabilities. These include Day Services where a range of life skills are introduced. The meaningful inclusion of people in everyday activities is emphasized in our vocational training and employment services. These facilitate people accessing further training with opportunities to engage in mainstream education and employment in the local community.

Cheeverstown also provides residential services within the centre and in 15 houses in the community where the emphasis is on promoting independent living.

A very successful integrated children’s summer camp is held every summer, as part of our recreational service.


Cheeverstown Employment Support Services (CHESS)

‘CHESS’ is a Cheeverstown service that enables people with an intellectual disability access paid employment. The CHESS offices are located at 1-3, High Street, Tallaght, Dublin 24..

CHESS matches suitable employment vacancies with people’s strengths and abilities to fill those vacancies thus ensuring maximum benefit for employee and employer. A Job Coach is assigned to each individual placed in employment. The Job Coach gives specialised support and training service to both employee and employer. The Job Coach facilitates the employer to maximise the potential of the new employee to the benefit of all parties. All training and employment supports are provided by Cheeverstown.

Employers who participate in supported employment, find their business benefits from the service.

If you feel you have a suitable vacancy in your business or would like to find out more, please contact CHESS on 01-4627888 or drop in to our offices.

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