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Cuan Mhuire

Organisation ID: CHY6648

Cuan Mhuire offers a comprehensive, structured, abstinence based, residential programme to persons suffering from alcohol, other chemical dependencies and gambling.

Cuan Mhuire was founded by Sr. Consilio in 1966. It is a registered charity which is the main provider of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction for the entire island of Ireland. Approximately 2,500 people are treated for addiction in our centers in Ireland every year.

The 40th anniversary of the founding of Cuan Mhuire was celebrated over the first weekend of September 2006. The President Prof Mary Mac Aleese opened a major new facility in St. Josephs House to help victims of addiction. The President gave an inspirational address, highlighting amongst other things the importance of changing our attitudes to what is becoming a culture of excessive consumption of alcohol.

Cuan Mhuire is inspired by the belief that each person is of eternal value and that there is no such thing as a 'hopeless case'. Its treatment is not only geared towards the individual's addiction, but also towards the recovery of the whole person and the restoration of his/her dignity, self-respect and sense of responsibility. Cuan Mhuire has its own unique programme, developed and perfected by Sr. Consilio and her staff over the last forty years.