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Organisation ID: CHY01047


The DSPCA was established in 1840 and is the oldest and largest animal charity in the Republic of Ireland. In its early days the Society was known as the Dublin Auxiliary of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals and it was founded the year the RSPCA received Royal Patronage.

The Society was based at Grand Canal Quay in Dublin City from its formation in 1840 up until 1990, and generations of Dublin people were familiar with it as “The Dogs and Cats Home” and at times as “The Cats & Dogs Home”.

In 1990 the Society moved to Potterton Restfields at Stocking Lane in Rathfarnham, a suburb of Dublin. The land was bequeathed to the Society in the 1930s as a place to graze retired working horses. In 2003 the Society moved to its current location on Mount Venus Road in Rathfarnham, formerly the Pine Valley Golf Club.

Over the years the Society has been instrumental in the passing of laws protecting animal welfare such as the Control of Horses Act 1987 and we continue to this day to seek improvements in the laws governing animal welfare in Ireland including trade in exotic pets and reforming outdated animals welfare laws.