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List of Fundraisers for Friends of the Coombe

Participant name Fundraising page title
Adrian O'Sullivan Big Spin for Little Lives
Aileen Blackwell Kelly Aoibhinn Kelly's Family and Friends
Amy O'Byrne Siteserv's Women's Mini Marathon 2014
Anna Byrne Anna Byrne's Flora Women's Mini Marathon
Aoife Freyne Aoife Freyne's
Debbie devane Debbie devane's Flora Women’s Mini Marathon
deirdre kirby deirdre kirby's Flora Women’s Mini Marathon
Eamon Mc Manamy Downsizing For A Good Cause
hazel mc gann hazel mc gann's Women's Mini Marathon 2014
jackie tyrrell In memory of baby Carl & James
kate O Reilly Kate O' Reilly - Skydive
Laura Kidd Laura Kidd's Pettitt’s SuperValu Wexford Half and 10K
Marcelina Szafranska Marcelina Climb Kilimanjaro
Nicola Hardy Nicola Hardy 's Flora Women’s Mini Marathon
peter mcclung peter mcclung's Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon