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List of Fundraisers for DSPCA

Participant name Fundraising page title
Aga Nalaskowska VHI Women's Mini Marathon - Anna, Marzena & Aga
Carrie Brady Carrie Brady's Women's Mini Marathon 2015
Clare D'Arcy David and Clare
Elaine Pace Elaine's Women's Mini Marathon 2015
Joe Grace Joe Grace's
Lisa Birney Lisa's Women's Mini Marathon 2015
Lynne Wilkinson Lynne Wilkinson's Women's Mini Marathon 2015
Margaret Young Margaret Young's Clontarf Half Marathon + Rock n Roll Dublin Half Marathon Page
Naomi O'Shea Naomi O'Shea's VHI Women's Mini Marathon DSPCA
Peter Breen DSPCA Snip n' Chip
Ronan Fayne Ronan Fayne's Longford Marathon
Sarah Casey, Sarah's Dublin Marathon Adventure
Stephanie Murray Stephanie Murray's Women's Mini Marathon 2015
Szilvia Csiki Szilvia Csiki's VHI Women's Mini Marathon