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List of Fundraisers for Welcome Home

Participant name Fundraising page title
Adam Grainger Adam Grainger's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Adrienne Bergin Adrienne Bergin's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Alan ODoherty Alan ODoherty's Welcome Home Wexford Cycle 2014
Alison Pallucci Team Investec - Dublin to Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon's Welcome Home Wexford Cycle 2014
chris fleming chris fleming's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Darren Wilson Darren Wilson's
David Dalton Fr. Peter McVerry Trust WelcomeHome Wexford Cycle 2014
david healy BT Wheelers UCD to Wexford cycle
Des Hayes Des Hayes's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
eamonn carney eamonn carney's Welcome Home Wexford Cycle
Eugene O'Connor Eugene O'Connor's Wexford Cycle
Gavin Moore Gavin Moore's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Ger Prendergast Ger Prendergast's Dublin Wexford cycle
Jim Hickey Jim Hickey's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Julie Austin McDowell Purcell / Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon / Certus / Eugene F Collins - Dublin to Wexford Cycle 2014
Kevin O'Donovan Loop Head Cycle
Louis Hoffman Louis Hoffman's welcome home
Maurice crowley Maurice Crowley's Welcome Home Cycle
Michael MacKenzie Michael MacKenzie's - Dublin to Wexford Cycle
NIALL ocleirigh NIALL ocleirigh's wexford cycle 2013
Niall Redmond Niall Redmond's Welcome Home Wexford Charity Cycle
Rory OToole Rory OToole's Wexford Cycle 2014
Seosamh Ó Murchú Seosamh Ó Murchú's Welcome Home Wexford Cycle
Team Baxi Team Baxi's dublin to wexford cycle
Thomas Coman Thomas Coman's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Thomas Davy Thomas Davy's Wexford Cycle 25th Anniversary
Tom Kelly Tom Kelly's Welcome Home Wexford Cycle