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Organisation ID: CHY8259


ALONE Mission Statement:

ALONE works with older people, providing long term housing, a befriending service and supports in the community

ALONE Vision Statement:

An age-friendly society where older people are never isolated and are included as valued and empowered members of the community

• ALONE’s Befriending Service offers companionship to isolated older people through weekly visits by trained and supported volunteers

• ALONE’s Housing Service provides lifetime tenancies with support, to allow older people to age with dignity in a safe and secure home for as long as possible

• ALONE’s Community Response service advocates for older people in crisis and links them in with long-term supports

• ALONE campaigns to keep issues affecting older people at the top of the public agenda

• ALONE does not receive Government funding and is reliant on donations from the public

• We also offer a very popular programme of presentations for schools and community groups

Please visit the ALONE website and Facebook page for up to date information and news about our services.

Thank you.