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Date: 31 March, 2010


Leaving from: Kilcock
Time: 7am (on the nose)
Stopping for a small bite to eat at the 1/2 way mark
For more information, or to join us for training, email or call 01 870 8157

For the route map, click here
This route is part of the leg of the first day, so a great opportunity to train in the 'real' environment.
Date: 31 March, 2010
SatCycle"Training will be at 9.30am Saturday morning" - so it was organized a week in advance.  All were invited, 9 accepted the invitation and 6 turned out for the morning slog.

It was a beautiful day and an equally pleasant cycle.  Average speeds were 18km per hour, and the terrain offered some challenging elevations as well as some steady flats. 

Michael Dawson set the stage with a lesson on wind resistance and the leader-exchange model.  Steve-o powered ahead on his state-of-the-art all terrain 2 wheeled machine.  Catherine spectacularly represented all the female Cycle4haiti team counterparts, and then we were off... 

The Saturday Training Team:
     Logistics: Michael Dawson
     Max. Downhill Speeds: Wayne Power
     Off Road Specialist: Stephen Collier
     Safety:  Mark Henderson
     Endurance: Fergal Chambers
     Girl 'Power': Catherine

It wasn't until after the 50Km training that we discovered the English translation of 'Naul' ...Translation: CLIFF.  This might explain why we were presented with the most mammoth of inclines after our 10 min power bar break.  Perhaps next time the Canadian should not be the team member who selects the map!